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Learning Disabilities and Aging

Learn about the issues affecting senior adults with learning disabilities as they move toward retirement and their golden years. Explore issues about disabilities, learning, staying healthy, independent living, assisted living, and more.
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Learning Disabled Adults May Benefit from Brain Training
Brain training is becoming popular among aging baby boomers and is stimulating a whole new marketing binge promoting high tech training devices to middle agers and senior citizens. Learn more about brain training, the science that supports it, and ways you can train your brain at home with things you probably already have around the house.

Recognizing LDs in Senior Citizens
Learn about learning disabilities in senior citizens. If you or a loved one are facing learning disabilities after retirement, learn more about common concerns older adults with LDs may experience later in life. Learning disabled adults face challenges after retirement and throughout their senior years, but they also have unique strengths that can be an advantage. Learn about how learning disabilities may affect aging adults.

Deaf Senior Citizens - Senior Citizens Who Are Deaf
As the baby boomers age, one segment of the deaf community that is going to grow - bolstered by both the natural aging of deaf baby boomers and the baby boomers who lose hearing with age. This large population is going to need specialized nursing homes, organizations, retirement communities, and for some, specialized hospice services.

Assessing Risk-factors Among Elders with Disabilities
Yale University has developed an assessment to identify many issues that can lead to accidents and threaten seniors' independent living skills. Learn more about this assessment that examines learning impairments and other critical issues.

Senior Housing - Glossary of Common Senior Housing Terms
A senior's need for assistance with health care and daily tasks can vary widely. Fortunately, there are many different senior housing alternatives designed to address different levels of need.

Eldercare Locator - Find Senior Services Agencies
There are many elder care and other senior services available, but it can be challenging to find the right senior services in your area, and to know which agencies are trustworthy. Eldercare Locator can help.

Augmentative Communication - What is Augmentative Communication?
Augmentative communication is an alternative way to help students and adults with language disorders use expressive language or receptive language. Augmentative communication can be accomplished through assistive technology devices such as computers or hand held devices.

Social Security Primer
Since 1935, Social Security benefits have provided a dependable monthly income for retired persons, and disabled workers and their dependents. For some two-thirds of America's retirees, Social Security is the main source of income and the only source of income for the rest. Learn about Social Security Benefits for seniors and seniors with disabilities.

Missing Person - Missing Person Alerts for Seniors
Lawmakers in several U.S. states are exploring legislation that would enable police to issue local alerts for missing senior citizens without the usual 24-hour waiting period. Supporters say such laws are needed because seniors who turn up missing often suffer from Alzheimer's disease or have other medical conditions that leave them disoriented and in need of immediate assistance.

Sex and Aging - How Aging Can Impact our Sexuality
Aging adults with disabilities are often happiest leading full lives, and that includes sexuality. Learn about sexuality and aging - - what to expect, and how to make the most of your love life in your golden years.

What is Dementia?
Learn about dementia.

What is Long Term Care Insurance and Do I Really Need It?
A discussion of what long term care insurance is, who might need it, and anticipated costs of holding a policy like this.

How To Live Independently During the Senior Years
Living on your own is never easy and what more if you are already a senior citizen? No matter how hard we try to avoid it, every person has to deal with the issue of independent living in the senior years at some point.

How And When To Tell A Senior To Stop Driving
To an elderly parent, driving is not so much about transportation, but rather independence and control.

Home Care:  When A Loved One Is Resistant
No matter which home care option, such as assisted living or a nursing home, you are trying to discuss with loved ones, it is important to understand the reasons behind their resistance to overcome them.

Coping After Medical Emergencies: Injuries, Illness, and Disability
Coping after a medical emergency may involve dealing with injuries, illness, and disability. If you have a family member returning home from the hospital or rehabilitation center, there are many things you may need to address to make the transition go smoothly.

National Center for Learning Disabilities: Adults with LD Resources
Learning disabilities do not go away as a person matures, and you do not grow out of your learning disability when you become an adult. You're also likely to face new challenges in fulfilling your role as a family member, employee, spouse or citizen. Explore NCLD's informative articles for adults with LD.

Literacy Information and Communication System
This is a "no frills" website that offers good information for adults with reading disabilities. It includes articles and contact information for many helpful national, non-profit organizations for adults with LD.

Hearing Loss:Excuse Me, I Didn't Hear That.I Must Be Losing My Hearing!
Hearing loss can come about for a variety of reasons. However, there are solutions and many of them are simple ones.

Coping with Serious Illness: Things To Do When You're Stuck In Bed
Coping with a debilitating illness or injury can be difficult physically and emotionally. Find helpful tips to cope and pass the time when you're injured or ill and stuck in bed.

Home Automation: Benefits For The Elderly and People with Disabilities
Home automation has many useful applications that make our lives easier and safer. One of these is raising the quality of life for the elderly.

Coping with Alzheimers What to Do when a Family Member is Diagnosed
When a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, coping with the pain, the struggles, and the demands of day-to-day care can be overwhelming. Find tips to help you cope.

How Can You Become A Disability Support Worker in Australia?
Living with a disability is tough. That's why people with disabilities count on special support workers to make everyday life a little easier!

The Top Three Ways Hospice Care Can Help Care Providers - A Reader Shares
When you find out that someone you love is suffering from a terminal disease, there are a lot of emotions and thoughts that run through your mind.

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