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What is a Learning Disability?

A Boy Struggling with Reading

Is your child struggling in school? Do you suspect a possible learning disability? If so, you're not alone. Learn more about learning disabilities, how to recognize them, and where to get help for your child.

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Learning Disabilities

How To Write A 1st Class Essay

Monday October 14, 2013

Writing an essay can be a maddening process. And, as an undergraduate, it only gets worse. You're not only expected to write an essay well, you're expected to excel at it too. Researching, referencing and composition will only get you so far. In order to get that well deserved 1st A, you'll need more leverage.  Find tips to help!

How To Engage Your Child In Reading

Monday October 14, 2013

Reading well is one of the most important things a child will learn (if not THE most important thing). Naturally, they must practice their abilities often, so that they become better. There is nothing worse than struggling with a book. If you help your child learn to love reading, then it will become easier for them. They will need these skills all of their lives. For example, standardized tests require students to read fast in order to gain entrance into college. If you help your child learn to read quickly, then they will be one step closer to higher grades and test scores! The following list provides guidelines for how to help your child choose appropriate reading materials for their age and level.

Important Careers For Those Who Are Still Deciding

Monday October 14, 2013

Have you wanted to go, or been to college, and cannot decide what you should choose for a career? Well, you should always choose something you are passionate about; however, you should also choose something reliable; something you know will be on this planet for (possibly) forever.  Explore these ponderings on career choices.

Fun Family Activities to Entertain, Engage, and Teach Your Children

Sunday October 6, 2013

Despite having only two days off from school, children can often feel bored and restless over the weekends. In an effort to keep children amused, parents are constantly hunting for fun activities that will keep their children healthy, happy and entertained throughout Saturday and Sunday. Families that are stuck in a weekend rut should try a range of activities that will keep children active and interested. Here are four activities that will guaranteed to keep your children entertained during any weekend.

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