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Interpersonal Learning Style - Learn about Interpersonal Learning Styles

Interpersonal Learning Styles - Learn about Interpersonal Learning Styles


Updated June 17, 2014

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Interpersonal Learning Style - Characteristics of the Interpersonal Learning Style

Interpersonal learning style is one of eight types of learning styles defined in Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences. Interpersonal learning styles, or intelligence, refer to a person's ability to interact with and understand other people and social situations.

Interpersonal Learning Style - Characteristics of Interpersonal Learning Style

Interpersonal learning styled people enjoy school activities such as speech, drama, and debate teams. Interpersonal learners are true people persons. They enjoy heading up committees, group learning projects, and communicating with other students and adults. Interpersonal learners love to interact and prefer learning through interpersonal communication and interaction.

Interpersonal Learning Style - How Interpersonal Learning Styled People Learn Best

People with interpersonal learning styles learn best when they are permitted to use their people senses as part of the learning process. They often prefer direct involvement with others in group projects in school or within the larger community. They are stimulated by dialog with students and adults and seem to have a strong sense of intuition regarding others' opinions and preferences. Interpersonal learners are good at reading people and are good at getting to the root cause of communication problems.

Interpersonal Learning Style - Interpersonal Learning Style Career Choices

The interpersonal learning styled student may be drawn to careers such as politician, attorney, teacher, minister, travel and tourism, psychologist, television or radio, social worker, or corporate officer.

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