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Brain School - A Book Review of Brain School

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Updated December 26, 2010

Howard Easton's Brain School

Brain School

GLIA Press

The Bottom Line

Overall, this book is an interesting testament to the Arrowsmith Program. The possibilities raised by the program are fascinating, and the book is worth exploring by educators and parents looking for new ways to teach children with learning disabilities.


  • The book addresses the intensity needed by most learning disabled children to be successful.
  • It acknowledges the extreme level of individualization needed to achive results with disabilities.
  • The book offers hope for learning disabilities and remediation.
  • Eaton honestly addresses controversies surrounding Arrowsmith theories and practices.


  • The Arrowsmith Program is not available everywhere and is generally available in private schools.
  • Outside peer reviews of the program's effectiveness are limited.


  • Brain School is a 264 page paperback.
  • This book is self-published by the author.
  • The book is written in parent-friendly language.

Guide Review - Brain School - A Book Review of Brain School

Brain School: Stories of Children with Learning Disabilities and Atten tion Disorders who Changed Their Lives by Improving Their Cognitive Functioning is a fascinating book about the Arrowsmith Program. Written by Howard Eaton, Ed.M., the book details the history and philosophy of the Arrowsmith Program through the stories of children who participated in it. In brief, the Arroswmith Program is based on the theory of neuroplasticity, which proposes that the neurological structures of the brain continue to develop and can be shaped through a program involving intense cognitive exercises in addition to reading and math. The majority of a school day in the Arrowsmith program is devoted to the cognitive exercises, which are part of an individually designed program for each student based on needs identified in assessment. Eaton's book includes impressive effectiveness data from student testing pre and post program.
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