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Coping with a Learning Disability


Coping with a learning disability can be challenging. However, being diagnosed with a learning disability does not mean a student cannot learn, graduate, receive postsecondary education, and lead a normal adult life. With the right interventions and academic support, students with these disorders can succeed in life. Find resources and information on special education laws, programs, conflict resolution, and teaching resources for home and school for children of all ages. Adults and seniors with disabilities will find information to help them cope throughout their lives.
  1. How are Special Education Decisions Made?
  2. Learning Disabilities in Reading
  3. Coping with Learning Disabilities in Math
  4. Coping with Learning Disabilities in Writing
  5. Managing Conflicts with Your Child's School
  6. Behavior Problems and Discipline
  7. Emotional Health
  1. Helping Your Child at Home and Improving Study Skills
  2. Teach Your Child Social Skills
  3. Infancy and Early Childhood Development
  4. Parenting Learning Disabled Teens and Tweens
  5. College, Vocational School Programs
  6. Career and Workplace Issues
  7. Learning Disabilities and Aging

How are Special Education Decisions Made?

Program Planning for LD Students - A student works with his teacher at a computer.

Making the right special education decisions for your child requires some study. The special education decision making process is vital to your child's success in school program. Learn how schools develop individual education programs for students with specific learning disabilities and other types of disabilities. Learn what to expect during IEP team meetings and how you can actively participate in this important decision making process to strengthen your child's special education program.

Learning Disabilities in Reading

Learning Disabilities in Reading - A girl listens to an audiobook on an mp3 player.

Learning disabilities in basic reading skills and dyslexia typically involve difficulty in recognizing letters and connecting the sounds they represent. If your child is a beginning reader, or you suspect she may have a learning disability in basic reading, these strategies and activities can help you support her learning at home and at school.

Coping with Learning Disabilities in Math

Math Strategies - A girl stands beside a math problem written on a chalkboard.

Math Strategies - Children with learning disabilities in math can be successful in school with the right support. Learn strategies to help.

Coping with Learning Disabilities in Writing

A Child Works on Fine Motor Writing Skills

Find helpful resources to help you understand and teach writing and fine motor skills.

Managing Conflicts with Your Child's School

A Parent Struggles with School Conflicts

Conflicts with Schools - Having a disagreement with your child's school? If so, you know first hand how frustrating it can be to resolve conflicts over your child's special education program. Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve the situation, and you do have rights. Learn more about the available options to resolve conflicts, and most importantly, improve educational opportunities for your learning disabled child.

Behavior Problems and Discipline

Behavior Problems and Discipline - A student is taunted by a group of bullies.

Behavior Problems and Discipline - Children with learning disabilities who also have significant behavior problems often face disciplinary actions and are at risk for being placed in more restrictive special education programs. Learning about your child's rights and procedural safeguards under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and the limitations of those rights will help you become a more effective advocate for his education. Find information you need to know to advocate for your child.

Emotional Health

Emotional Health - A Student Works with a Psychologist

Emotional Health - Learning Disabilities and Emotional Health - Supporting your child's emotional health and well being is as important as academics. It takes a lot of courage to face school every day when you know you are going to need more help than others, may fail more often, and are in special education classes. Find resources to help you support your child through stress, bullying, self-esteem issues, and more.

Helping Your Child at Home and Improving Study Skills

Students work with Hands On Materials in a Science Class.

As your child goes through school, coping with his learning disability will be much easier as he learns effective study skills. You'll also find that learning activities you do at home can strengthen skills as well. Find helpful tips, tools, worksheets, and strategies that can help your child learn at all levels of school.

Teach Your Child Social Skills

A Teen Struggles with Social Skills

Social Skills - Children and teens with learning disabilities often need your support in developing social skills and developing positive relationships at school, at home, and in the community. Learn ways you can supporting your child's social skill development.

Infancy and Early Childhood Development

Infancy and Early Childhood Development - A Mother Teaches her Baby about Leaves

Early Childhood Development - Learn about your child's development from infancy through preschool years and how to recognize developmental delays and early signs of possible learning disabilities. Explore infant and early childhood programs, and find fun activities to teach your child early concepts to give her the best start possible in education.

Parenting Learning Disabled Teens and Tweens

Teens and Tweens with Learning Disabilities

Parenting Middle and High School Students with Learning Disabilities - Find resources to help you manage the educational, vocational, social and emotional, developmental, and family issues you will encounter as the parent of a middle or high school student with learning disabilities.

College, Vocational School Programs

Coping with Learning Disabilities in College - A Man Sits in Class and Checks his Notes

Discover strategies to help learning disabled students become successful in higher education. Learn about college level programs for students with learning disabilities. Find ways to prepare for educational programs after high school.

Career and Workplace Issues

Learning Disabilities in Career and Workplace - A man works at a computer in his cubicle.

Be prepared for success on your job. Learn ways to minimize the effect of your disability on your job. Learn about your rights as an employee with a learning disability and the limitations of your rights. Find out what to do if you need help on the job and where to find assistance.

Learning Disabilities and Aging

Learning Disabilities in Senior Citizens

Explore issues affecting adults with learning disabilities as they move toward retirement and later years. Find information on disabling conditions and diseases that can affect learning, memory, and other functions.

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