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Causes of Stress - Common Causes of Stress

Learn about Common Stressful Situations and Our Responses that Cause Stress


Updated September 25, 2011

A Disability Can Cause Stress

Causes of Stress

Common Causes of Stress Include:
  • Death of a spouse, other family member, or friend;
  • Marriage, marital problems, or divorce;
  • Financial problems, loss of a job;
  • Accidents and resulting financial loss, physical or psychological impairment resulting from the accident
  • Birth of a child;
  • Disability of a family member;
  • Long-term illness of a family member;
  • Legal problems (criminal or civil);
  • Ongoing discord with extended families;
  • Conflict at work or a change in employment status;
  • Loss of a job; and
  • Birth of a child with a disability or the diagnosis of a disability in an older child.
Stress is the reaction we have to situations that range from uncomfortable to traumatic. The degree of stress we feel in response to stress situations involves many factors such as our thoughts about the situation, our resources for coping with it, choices we may have in the matter, the short and long-term impact of the stressful situation on our lives. Naturally, individuals' responses to any stressful situation will vary depending on those factors.

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