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Parents of Disabled and Typical Children

Parents and Families with disabled and non-disabled children have special challenges in meeting the special needs of individuals and the family as a whole. While every family struggles with meeting everyone's diverse needs, families with disabilities present may have more challenges. Find tips to help parents and family members live, work, and play in ways that promote family harmony and individual growth.
  1. Family Special Needs

Starting Family Traditions with Special Needs Children
Find helpful tips for starting family traditions with special needs children.

GPA - Surprising Factors Affecting Your Child's GPA
Sure, classwork, tests, and homework grades impact your child's GPA, but did you know there are other factors you might not have suspected that also impact GPA? Researchers have identified a number of factors that are believed to interact with GPA to some degree. Learning about these factors and how to improve them may affect your child's GPA...

Accepting Disability - When Others Don’t Accept Your Child’s Disability
Learn how to recognize signs that others are not accepting your child's learning disability and what you can do about it.

A Self-Esteem and Appreciation Building Game - Catch the Compliment
This quick and easy game helps your child learn to recognize positive qualities in others and gives her the opportunity to hear positive things about herself from others. Giving and receiving compliments is important in developing self-esteem and respect for others.

Strengthen Self-Esteem with These Activities
Building Self-Esteem - Self-esteem is important for all children, especially those with learning disabilities. Students with SLDs typically struggle with school and can benefit from a healthy sense of identity with their families. Setting personal goals and developing an awareness of family values are good ways to begin helping your child develop self-confidence.

Develop Self-Esteem and Confidence with This Family Craft
Develop Self-Esteem - A family banner is a flag decorated with images and colors that are meaningful to your family. Learn how to make one and help your family explore and celebrate your strengths.

Develop Self-Esteem and Confidence with This Family Craft
Develop Self-Esteem - A family banner is a flag decorated with images and colors that are meaningful to your family. Learn how.

Developing Self-Esteem - Develop Self Esteem with Fun Activities
Develop Self-Esteem - Self-esteem is important for any child, and it is especially important for children with learning disabilities. These easy activities can help your child begin to identify his strengths, understand his values, and explore his character. Recognizing these qualities is an important first step in developing and strengthening self-esteem.

Help Your Child Choose Healthy Friends - Creating Good Friendships
Does your child with a learning disability seem drawn to kids that may not be the best choice for healthy friendships? This is common among children with learning disabilities, who are at-risk for being socially left out may need your help in choosing positive friends. Learn ways to help them choose wisely.

Life With a Partner or Spouse With Asperger Syndrome: Going o…
Life With a Partner or Spouse With Asperger Syndrome: Going over the Edge? Practical Steps to Savings You and Your Relationship by Kathy J. Marshack is an insightful look at intimate relationships between people with Asperger syndrome and people without it.

Living with a Disabled Sibling - Siblings of Children with Disabilities
Living with a Disabled Sibling - Siblings of children with disabilities have unique challenges. They deal with all the typical issues of non-disabled siblings and more. In the best way, specially blended families are an inspiration to us all. Learn why.

Problems among Siblings of Disabled Children
Living with a Disabled Sibling - Siblings of children with disabilities have unique challenges. They deal with all the typical issues of non-disabled siblings and more. Learn more about siblings of children with disabilities and the problems that may arise in specially blended families.

Making Friends - Teach Your child to Make Friends with Small, Easy Ste
Teach your child social skills and how to make friends with small, easy steps to friendship.

New Year's Resolutions for Parents of Learning Disabled Students
Losing weight, saving money, and getting a better job are usually among the top New Year's resolutions for many of us. As the parent of a child with learning disabilities, here are a few more you may want to add to that list.

New York Yankees Share Time and Make Memories During HOPE Week Event
The New York Yankees take timeout to show the Big Apple has a really big heart. This week, the Yankees celebrate HOPE week by sharing special experiences with fans with disabilities.

Parent Group Works on Family Identity and Self-Esteem Building Project
This photo gallery shows the parents working on their family banners. Check them out, and when you're ready, try these self-esteem and identity building activities with your own family in the Family Banner Activity below.

Parenting Disabled Children - Emotional Challenges
Are you parenting a learning disabled child and experiencing emotional challenges and stress? If so, you are not alone. Many parents experience predictable periods of stress as they adjust to the demands of parenting a learning disabled child.

Request a Work Schedule Change with a Flexibility Proposal
If your current work schedule and your childcare needs don't coincide, think about whether a change in hours would solve your problems. Then use a sample flexibility proposal memo from the book "More Than a Mom" to guide you in making your case to your employer.

Share Your child's Achievements in the Hall of Fame
Has your child achieved something you're proud of? You cherish your child's achievements, and readers would love to hear about them as well. ...

Strengthening Social Skills - Develop Confidence with Personal Goals
The stress of dealing with a learning disability can take a toll on your child's self esteem and confidence. Developing personal goals is one way to help children with and without learning disabilities strengthen their self confidence. Use this easy method to help your child get started in planning personal goals.

Stress Management Tips for Parents of Children with Learning
Stress management is an important skill for any parent, but it is especially important for parents of children with learning disabilities and other types of disabilities. As the parent of a child with learning disabilities, and possibly non-disabled children as well, you will have typical parental stress along with the unique challenges of...

What Siblings Would Like Parents and Service Providers to Know
In the United States, there are more than six million people who have special health, developmental, and mental health concerns. Most of these people have typically developing brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters are too important to ignore. Learn why.

Causes of Stress - Common Causes of Stress
Learn some common causes of stress.

End Morning Chaos with Morning Routines
Do morning struggles leave you worn out before your day begins? Learn ways to tame the morning craziness with morning routines.

Parent Reactions to a Child's Disability - Reactions to a Child's Disability
Learning that your child has a disability can be one of life's most significant stressors. Parents' reactions to learning that a child has a learning disability can range from relief to despair and everything in between. Further, parents' responses may shift and change depending on many factors such as the level of disability, the family's...

Ways To Show Your Learning Disabled Child You Love Him

Love is easy to demonstrate with these tips and ideas to show your learning disabled child you care.

Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share
Finding fun projects for dad's and kids need not be a problem with Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share. Learn more about this fun book.

Teaching Your Child Your Family's Values
Learn practical suggestions to help you teach your child your family's values.

Family Mealtimes are Important
Learn why family mealtimes are important and find tips and suggestions to make the best this special time together.

Can Television Be Harmful to Children?
Is television really harmful to children? Well, yes and no. Learn why.

What Are Multiple Intelligences?
Learn about multiple intelligences.

Helping Your Child with Sleep Problems
Some children with learning disabilities, especially those with sensory issues, have sleep problems. Find ways to help.

Working With Your Child's Teacher to Build a Better Learning Environment
Find ways to work with your child's teacher to build a better learning environment for your child.

Nurturing Your Marriage or Partnership
Find easy strategies you can start today to nurture your marriage or partnership.

Tips for the Parent of a Child with a Learning Disability
Find helpful tips for parents of children with learning disabilities.

Strategies to Interact with a Child with Learning Disabilities
Find parenting advice for interacting appropriately with your child with learning disabilities.

How to Relax After a Stressful Day
The article explains how to deal with stress by focusing on effective planning, reviewing, and relaxation.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Play Board Games with Your Kids
Learn about the benefits of playing board games with your kids.

I-Spy and 3 Other Travel Games for Kids on Long Trips
Long car trips with kids can be challenging...but if you set off armed with these fool-proof games, you can keep them entertained for hours!

How To Reduce The Morning Drama With Your Kids
Are you sick and tired of all the morning drama with your kids? Read these tips to have a sane morning!

How To Help Improve Your Child's Confidence In School
School can be a scary place for a child, but as a parent, how can you help your children to be confident and enjoy their school life? Here are a few tips.

How To Get Fussy Kids To Eat Good Food
Getting fussy kids to eat - - yes, for sure it's not an easy task that we're faced with as parents. It doesn't matter how aware we as parents and how much knowledge we possess about what they need. Here are tips to help!

8 Ways to Be There For Your Learning Disabled Child
Coping with your child's disability can bring challenges for years to come. Throughout his development, your child will need your support in many ways. These suggestions can help you be there for your child.

How To Know When Your Child Is Ready For A Mobile Phone
It seems that technology is getting to young kids quicker and quicker nowadays, and parents struggle to keep up. Learn when to give your child a mobile phone.

How Parent-Teacher Webinars Create Solutions To Education Problems
Setting a time to conference live with parents whether at work or after work at home, allows the parents to actively participate with a clear head.

When ADHD Hits Entire Families
It is a challenge when ADHD affects entire families. Find helpful tips to deal with ADHD when a parent and a child are affected.

Science for Children Under Five
Science, in particular, can be great for children under five years old. Learn interesting and engaging ways to teach them in ways they'll enjoy!

Weekend Activities To Keep Your Children Amused
Children often complain about weekend boredom and having nothing to do. See here for fun ways to keep your children amused and entertained over the weekend.

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