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Parenting Learning Disabled Teens and Tweens

Learn strategies and tips to help you and your child through this important transitional phase.

Helping Your Child Cope with a Friend's Learning Disability
Coping with a friend's learning disability can be challenge, but it need not be overwhelming. Learn ways you can deal with your friend's learning disability and support your friendship. Learn ways to cope with your feelings and theirs and to keep your friendship healthy and positive for years to come.

Coping with a Friend's Learning Disability
Coping with a friend's learning disability can be challenge, but it need not be overwhelming. Learn ways you can deal with your friend's learning disability and support your friendship. Learn ways to cope with your feelings and theirs and to keep your friendship healthy and positive for years to come.

Thanks for Special Education Moms - Special Education Moms Deserve Thanks
I believe special education moms deserve thanks for all the extra things they do for their children. If you are the mother of a child with a disability, you probably haven't thought much about how vital you are in your child's life. So take a minute to learn why you're special and get the thanks you deserve.

Is Your LD Child in Love - Just Crushing?
Many children and young adults with learning disabilities also struggle with social skills development in the area of romantic relationships. They may have difficulty understanding their feelings and judging the difference between the different types of love they will experience.

Teenagers and Dating - Deciding to Let Your Learning Disabled Teenager Date
Has your learning disabled child asked for your permission to date or have a boy or girlfriend? It seems kids are growing up faster than ever before, and your child may ask your permission to date or have a steady boy or girl friend much earlier than you would expect. Find out why I told my child she could date whenever she showed me she was ready and why you should consider the same.

Teach Your Child How to Say No to Negative Peer Pressure - Saying No to Peers
Are you concerned about negative influence of peer pressure on your learning disabled child? Problem peer pressure is a concern that every child faces, but learning disabled children are especially vulnerable to negative peer influence. Learn why your LD child may be at higher risk for problems related to negative peers, and how you can help prepare him in advance to deal effectively with problem schoolmates.

Learning Disabilities Facts Teens Must Know - Teaching Teens
Most teenagers struggle with their self-image. Teens with learning disabilities have more intense feelings because they know they have more learning difficulty than others. Find help with these tips!

Ensuring an Appropriate Diagnosis - Tips for Accurate Assessment in Minorities
Disproportionate placement of minority children in special education programs is a growing concern in education. If you are the parent or teacher of a minority child who is being referred for special education, learn what you need to know to ensure that if a disability is diagnosed, it is appropriate for your child.

Refer Your Child for Assessment - Making Referral for Special Education Testing
If you suspect your child has a learning disability, learn how to begin the referral process and what it involves. Find out how to make a referral for your child.

Signs, Symptoms, and Characteristics of LDs - Recognizing SLDs
Signs of Learning Disabilities and What to Do When Your Child Struggles with Learning - Most students experience difficulty learning at various points during their school years. Consequently, not all learning problems are signs of learning disabilities. Learn about the common signs of learning disabilities and how to get your child the help...

Learning Disability Diagnosis - Testing, Assessment for LDs
Learning Disabilities and What to Do When Your Child Struggles with Learning - If your child is struggling with school work, facing school failure, or doesn't seem to be learning, a learning disability is one possible cause. Learn how learning disorders are diagnosed and where to get help.

Underachievement - Why Students With LDs Underachieve in School
Underachievement in Students with Learning Disabilities - Many students with learning disabilities struggle in their area of weakness, but did you know they often perform below their potential in subjects where they have no disability? Learn about underachievement among students with learning disabilities, its signs, causes, and what you can do about it.

Teach Your Child to Make Good Friends - Choosing Positive Friends
Helping Special Education Students Choose Positive Friends - Does your child with a learning disability seem drawn to kids that may not be the best choice for healthy friendships or those with behavior problems? This is common among children with learning disabilities, who are at-risk for being socially left out. Learn ways to help your child...

Making Friends - Teach Your child to Make Friends with Easy Steps
Children with Learning Disabilities May Need Help Making Friends - Students with learning disabilities and other disabilities often feel socially isolated and out-of-touch with the mainstream of student life. Learn how to help your child make friends with easy manageable steps.

More Easy Ways to Make Friends - Helping LD Students Make Friends
Making Friends - More Easy Tips to Fill Your Home and Your Child's Heart with Friends - Many of us hear our kids complain that they have difficulty making friends. Here are more tips that can help support your child's efforts to make friends.

Strengthening Social Skill - Developing Confidence with Personal Goals
Teach Family Values Through Self-Exploration and Personal Goal Setting - The stress of dealing with a learning disability can take a toll on your child's self esteem and confidence. This questionnaire can help your children get started in planning personal goals and exploring their future.

Fostering Friendships at Home - Social Activities for Homebodies
Making Friends - Ways to Make Friends When Your Child is a Homebody - Is your child a homebody who would love to have more friends? If so, you may feel lost as to how to help develop those friendships. Explore ways to help your child make friends in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Advocate for Yourself in College - Teach Your Child to Help Himself
Teaching Your Child Self-Advocacy Skills Before College - One thing I've learned that is absolutely true. Time flies when you're raising children. Before you know it, your child's future in college, a vocational or trade program, or other career will be upon you. Learn tips to help teach your young adult daughter or son with a learning...

Ways to Handle Conflicts With Your Child's School
Handling Special Education Conflicts with Schools - Parents of children with learning disabilities too often find themselves in conflict with their children's schools. Learn negotiating skills that will keep the focus on your child's needs.

Can an Online Education Be a Better Fit for Your Special Needs Child?
Explore some of the reasons an online education could be a good choice for your special needs child.

Helping Your Teen Develop Career Goals
Find strategies to help your teen develop career goals.

Helping Your Child with Motivation
Learn about motivation and how you can help your child improve motivation.

Helping Your Child Make and Keep Friends
Learn strategies to help your learning disabled child make and keep friends.

Building Relationships with Special Needs Teens
Find heartfelt advice on how to build better relationships with teens with special needs.

Quality Time with Family Can Reduce Conflicts and Strengthen Relationships
Tips and advice on managing conflict and working towards a harmonious household.

Online Safety: Making Sure Your Teen is Safe
Teenagers' online safety is a hot issue for parents. Everyone is concerned about the safety of teenagers online. Explore these 5 steps to take to make sure your teenager is being safe online by checking settings options as well as teaching the child the dangers.

Technology To Boost Summer Learning
Using technology to boost summer learning

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