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Basic Facts about Learning Disability

Find information about diagnosis and what to do if you suspect a learning disability.
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Disability Blogs - Helpful Disability Blogs
Disability blogs help you find information you need to navigate school systems, college, work, family life, and more. Learn about blogs or submit one of your own! See submissions

Learning Disabilities in Reading – Understanding Learning D…
Learning disabilities affect about five to seven percent of children and adults. Learn about learning disabilities and what they entail.

What is an Invisible Disability?
People with learning disabilities such as reading, math, writing, and auditory processing disorders are sometimes said to have invisible disabilities. Learn about invisible disabilities and how you can help your loved ones cope with them.

Is Grade Retention Right for Your Child?
If your child has been performing poorly in school, his teachers will likely begin considering whether he should be retained at his grade level during the spring semester. Learn about grade retention, why it happens, and how to determine if it is the right choice for your child.

Tips to Recognize Early Signs of Learning Disabilities
Learning disabilities are usually not diagnosed until students have been in school for about two years, but there are often early signs parents may notice. More importantly, there are also strategies and resources that can help.

How are Learning Disabilities Diagnosed?
Read about the process of learning disability assessment and diagnosis in public schools.

Dual-Diagnosis - Practices for Serving Dually-Diagnosed Students
Learn practices for assessing and working with dually diagnosed students, also called twice exceptional, with learning disabilities in special education programs.

Facts on Underachievement - Why Students With LDs Underachieve in School
Many students with learning disabilities struggle in their area of weakness, but did you know they often perform below their potential in subjects where they have no disability? Learn about underachievement among students with learning disabilities, its signs, causes, and what you can do about it.

Understanding Dyslexia: Definition, Characteristics, and Diagnosis Part 1
Learn basic information about Dyslexia, a learning disability affecting reading and writing. This is the first article in a coming series exploring this disorder and its treatment.

Understanding Dyslexia: Teaching Strategies - Part 2
Learn basic information about Dyslexia, a learning disability affecting reading and writing. This is the second article in a coming series exploring this disorder and its treatment.

Best Practices in Educational Programing for Students with Brain Injuries
Brain injury is a serious problem in the US, and the numbers continue to rise. Learn about brain injuries and the learning disabilities they can cause. Find strategies and best practices for planning for educational programs.

Understanding Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD)
Explore attention deficits. Learn about common effects of attention disorders and what it is like for students who have them.

Special Education on About.com
Learn about Special Education Programs and educational disabilities.

Learning Disability - What is a Learning Disability?
Learn the definition of a learning disability.

Learning Disability Symptoms - What Are Symptoms of a Learning Disability?
Learn the symptoms of a learning disability.

Learning Disability Types - What Are The Types of a Learning Disability?
Learn the types of learning disabilities.

Learning Disability Diagnosis - How Are Learning Disabilities Diagnosed?
Learn about learning disability diagnosis.

Coping with Learning Disabilities - Tips for Coping with Learning Disabilities
Learn strategies for coping with learning disabilities.

Learning Disability FAQ - Learning Disability Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Learning disability FAQ gives quick answers to the most frequently asked learning disability questions.  Get quick, brief answers with links to longer more detailed information if you want more than basic learning disability FAQs.

Learning Disability Prevention - Can Learning Disabilities Be Prevented?
Learn about learning disability prevention.

Childhood Allergies, Air Pollution, and Learning Disabilities
Learn about the relationship between childhood allergies, air pollution, and learning disabilities.

Living with a Learning Disability: The Importance of Nurturing Your Strengths
Find practical suggestions on nurturing your strengths.

Helping Students with Learning Disabilities to Succeed in School
Find tips to help your child with learning disabilities succeed in school.

Coping with the Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities
Learn about coping with the diagnosis of learning disabilities in the United Kingdom. Guest writer Barrie Smith brings a unique perspective from across the pond.

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