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Teaching Resources for Learning Disabilities

You'll find teaching resources, answers, teaching tips, and tools you need for effective instruction. Discover special education teaching materials, methods, and programs for students with learning disabilities as well as activities for all children.
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Five Characteristics To Look For in a Student Planner
To make the student planner shopping easier, here are a few characteristics to look for in your ideal planner.

Online College Success - Tips to Do Your Best
Taking college classes online can be much more difficult than on-campus courses. Here are some tips and tricks to make the most out of your online education.

Special Education Teacher Secrets - What Special Education Teachers W…
Special education teachers have secrets. It's true that special education teachers cannot or will not tell you everything you should know about your child's special education program. Learn ten of the top secrets your special education teacher wish you knew.

Gross Motor Skills - Readers Share Gross Motor Skill Tips and…
Gross motor skill development is important for everyone. Learn about gross motor skills and share tips for developing motor skills, working with a physical therapist, and more.

Summer School Activities - Keep Learning During Summer Break
Summer school activities are a great way to keep your child from falling behind during summer school break. Learn about the importance of preventing regression and fun ways to keep your child learning with fun summer school activities.

Blog Carnival Guidelines - How to Submit Blog Carnival Entries
Learn how to submit entries to the parenting and family blog carnival. Find submission guidelines.

You're Invited to the All About Parenting Blog Carnival
The About.com Parenting and Family Channel features a monthly blog carnival featuring helpful information and tips from the best bloggers on the net. If you're a blogger, we'd love for you to join us! Learn how.

Free and Low Cost Resources for Teaching Kids with Learning Disabilities
Free and Low Cost Teaching Resources - Looking for cheap resources to help you teach and entertain your learning disabled child? Look no further. Here you'll find many quality resources for free downloads, audiobooks, worksheets, and much more.

Summer Fun Learning - Create Your Own Camp Activities to Teach and Entertain
Whether you're just battling summer boredom or if you want to keep learning going over school break with a little fun on the side, these activities can help.

Multisensory Techniques Can Help Students with Learning Disabilities
Learn about multisensory teaching techniques and how they can help students with learning disabilities and language weaknesses.

Quick Tips to Adapt Instruction for School and Home
Discover teaching tips for students with Dyslexia and other Learning Disabilities. These tips can be used at home or in school.

Tips to Communicate Positively with Your LD Child
Children with learning disabilities may have more struggles in school than most kids. Develop positive communication practices in your family before problems begin, and you'll weather them more easily. Learn strategies to build that communication.

Information and Strategies for Differentiated Instruction
Learn about differentiated instruction and how it can be used to meet the needs of special education students in both regular and special education classrooms.

Deliver Great Presentations
Presenting before a group causes jitters for most of us. Students with learning disabilities are no exception. Regardless of your child’s specific type of learning disability, here are some tips to help her create and deliver a terrific presentation for school.

Make School Break Learning Fun
As schools recess for breaks across the country, we can almost hear the collective shouts of glee as students take to the parks and hang with friends. Working on academics may be the last thing on their minds, but work we must to avoid regression. Here are some fun ideas to sharpen their skills during school breaks! (Did I see some eyes...

Back to School Supplies - Must Have Back to School Supplies f…
Looking for back to school supplies for special education students? In addition to the back to school supplies suggested by your child's teacher, your child may learn more effectively with items from this back to school list for use at home and school.

Learning Disability Accommodations - Ways to Accommodate Learning Di…
A reader writes "What are the types of accommodations you can do for learning disabilities?" Find ways to accommodate learning disabilities.

Boardmaker Studio - Software for Special Educators and More
Boardmaker Studio software is on every special educator's wish list. Learn more about the Boardmaker Studio program.

Disability Accommodations - Instruction Tips for Disability Accommodations
Accommodations for disability in the classroom may involve changes in the way materials are presented to students. This handy classroom checklist can help you make disability accommodations at school or at home.

Multisensory Teaching Strategies
Learn about strategies that help with learning disabilities.

Learning Disability Strategies - Scope and Sequence Strategies
Learn about strategies that help with learning disabilities.

Learning Disability Strategies – Direct Instruction
Learn about strategies that help with learning disabilities.

Learning Disability Strategies – Strategies that Help Learning Disabilities
Learn about strategies that help with learning disabilities.

Online Picture Dictionary Helps Develop Concepts
This photographic dictionary illustrates thousands of common nouns and simple concepts with beautiful photographs.

Buddy Readers and Study Buddies – What Are They?
Learn about the highly effective buddy reader and study buddy programs that can benefit your child.

Practical Strategies to Help Your Student Succeed in School
Learn practical strategies to help your student succeed in school.

Managing Learning Disabilities in Your Classroom: Tips for Teachers
Find tips and encouragement for classroom teachers of students with learning disabilities.

Top 5 Tech Innovations in Schools Helping Children with Learning Disabilities
Explore how technological advances of recent years has revolutionized the education system and made a world of difference for children with learning disabilities.

Signs Your Child May Need a Tutor
Learn signs your child may need a tutor.

Teaching Tips for Children With Learning Disabilities
Parents of children with learning disabilities often wonder what they can do to help their children learn at home. There are may ways parents can help. Check out these strategies and tips to help your child learn.

Why Music Therapy Is What You Have Been Searching For
New studies show that combing the standard treatment for depression - psychotherapy and medication - with music therapy proves significantly more effective.

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