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Alabama - Where to Find Disability Assistance in Alabama

State Disability Resources for Alabama


Updated February 28, 2013

If your child has a disability, and you do not know where to find help, check out this list of essential resources available in your state. These essential contacts offer the most commonly needed services and can provide you with referrals to other appropriate services as well. If you have difficulty contacting any of these resources, please feel free to email me at: learningdisabilities@aboutguide.com.

1. Infant and Toddler Disabilities - Birth to Age Two

In Alabama, early intervention services are coordinated by the Department of Rehabilitation Services. Early intervention agencies provide services to infants and young children with disabilities such as developmental instruction, and speech, physical, and occupational therapies.

Alabama Department of Rehabilitation
602 S. Lawrence St.
Montgomery, AL 36104
Telephone: (334)293-7500
Toll Free: (800)441-7607
Website: Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Early Intervention

2. Department of Education Special Education - Ages 3 - 21

Alabama's office of Special Education Services (SES) oversees disability and gifted education services to children. It monitors school districts for compliance with IDEA and Alabama's state special education regulations. SES handles formal complaints, due process hearings, and mediation on special education issues.

Alabama State Department of Education
Office of Special Education Programs

P.O. Box 302101
Montgomery, AL 36130-2101
Telephone: (334) 242-8114
Toll Free in Alabama: (800)392-8020
Website: Alabama Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs

3. State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency

The Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services helps people with disabilities live more independent lives by providing education, support, and services to assist them with becoming employed. The department works with middle schools, high schools, and higher education to help students with disabilities access appropriate supports for employment and independence such as job coaching, teaching skills, support in job placement, assistive and adaptive supports, and more.

Department of Rehabilitation Services
2129 East South Boulevard
Montgomery, AL 36116
Telephone: (334) 281-8780
Toll Free in Alabama: (800)392-8020
Website: Alabama Vocational Rehabilitation

4. Mental Health Services Agency

The Alabama Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation* provides services to individuals and families dealing with mental illness, mental retardation, and substance abuse. Services include advocacy, nursing home screening, psychiatric services, deaf services, intervention, coordination of treatment, case management, and more.

Alabama Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation
P.O. Box 301410
Montgomery, AL 36130-1410
Telephone: (334) 353-7110
Website: Mental Health Mental Retardation Agency

*The department is changing its use of the term retardation to intellectual disability. Person first language is another way of talking about disabilities that focuses on the person - - not the disorder.

5. Disability Advocacy Services

The Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program offers information and referrals relating to disability issues, a resource database for self-advocacy, education and training in disability rights, and individual case advocacy.

Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program
The University of Alabama
500 Martha Parham West
P.O. Box 870395
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0395
Telephone: (205) 348-4928
Toll Free: (800) 826-1675

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