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Government Programs for Learning Disabilities

Learn about state and federal resources that can help you manage disabilities in your life.
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Get Free IDEA Mediation - Mediation for IDEA is Free
Free IDEA mediation services are available to you. IDEA mediation can help you resolve disagreements with your child's school. Learn how to get free IDEA mediation services.

Kansas - Where to Find State Developmental Disability Assista…
If your child has a developmental disability, and you do not know where to find help, check out this list of developmental disability resources available in your state. These essential developmental disability contacts offer the most commonly needed services and can provide you with referrals to other appropriate services as well. If you have difficulty contacting any of these resources, please…

Special Education Records - Organizing Your Child's Special E…
Special education records more than documentation of your child's special education program. They are important legal records you should keep organized for future reference. Find out how you can quickly organize your child's special education records and why.

IDEA Formal Complaint - Model Form Letters and Forms
If you plan to file a formal special education complaint, these model forms and cover letter can help you get started.

Special Education Mediation - How to Get Free Mediation Services
Special education mediation is a means of resolving disagreements with your child's school concerning special education programs. Learn how to request mediation to resolve disputes in special education.

Examples of Typical Special Education Mediation Letter
Mediation Letter - Sample Special Education Mediation Letter

Mediation Promotes Conflict Resolution - Mediation in Special Education
Learn about mediation in special education. Find out what mediation is, and learn what a mediation session is like.

Changing Schools: What to Know to Avoid Harmful School Choice
Under NCLB, districts failing to make "adequate progress" must offer school choice. The problems with school change are rarely publicized, and parents may not be given information they need to make appropriate decisions for children with disabilities. Learn the facts about school choice and how to avoid misinformation and avoid harming your child.

Your Child May Qualify for Free Tutoring from "No Child Left Behind"
Your child may be one of the many children across the country who qualify for free tutoring. As part of the No Child Left Behind legislation, certain schools are required to set aside money from their Title I School Improvement Funds to provide supplemental education services. Find out if your child can benefit from this program.

From the FDA: Learn How to Spot Healthcare Fraud
It is a sad fact that parents of children with disabilities are targeted by fraud. How can you avoid being scammed by a worthless health product? You can protect yourself by learning some of the FDA's techniques.

Disability Benefits from the Social Security Administration
The Social Security Administration offers disability benefits. Learn more about this program.

US Department of Education Office of Special Education Policy
Discover resources for educators and parents concerning special education programs from the US Department of Education Office of Special Education Policy.

A Plan for Educating Students with Learning Disabilities
This article explores best practices for the education of children with learning disabilities.

Learning Disabilities and Applying for Disability Benefits
Learn about applying for Supplemental Security Income disability benefits for learning disabilities.

Disability Claims Reasons Yours May Have Been Denied
You may have your disability claim denied for any number of reasons. Some will make sense and some will leave you scratching your head.

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