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Ageism Toward Senior Citizens - What is Ageism Targeting Seniors?


Updated November 14, 2009

Ageism Impacts Senior Quality of Life and Opportunities

Seniors with Disabilities May Face Ageism

Definition: Ageism toward senior citizens is a form of discrimination. Ageism involves:
  • Bias against seniors;
  • Negative stereotypes against seniors;
  • Devaluing of senior contributions;
  • Belief that a senior is not capable of performing as well as younger people in the workplace;
  • Policies and practices that place a senior at a disadvantage;
  • Failure or refusal to provide accommodations to seniors to enable participation;
  • Excessive or unwarranted limitations placed on freedoms and life choices;
  • Discriminating against seniors in decision-making, promotional opportunities; and
  • Denial of services or opportunities because of age.
Seniors with learning disabilities are especially vulnerable to ageism because of the combined effect of prejudice. More on Ageism Toward Senior Citizens
Also Known As: age discrimination, senior discrimination, age related discrimination, senior prejudice, bias against seniors
Ageism is discrimination against senior citizens on the basis of negative perceptions.

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