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Teaching Writing with Printable Flash Cards - CVC Flash Cards for Teaching

These Printable Flash Cards Teach Writing and CVC Sight Word Vocabulary


A Teacher Works on Writing with a Student

Teaching Writing

Teach your child writing skills with these printable consonant-vowel-consonant list words. These flash cards will help your child learn to write and recognize words they may encounter in every day life. Learning these sight words can be a helpful teaching tool before taking your child on field trips, around the home, or before studying related units. Download these printable CVC flash cards here.
Print and cut out the cards. Fold them in half so that the picture shows on one side, and the word shows on the back. Glue or tape the folded cards to secure. Use the smallest amount of glue needed to avoid smearing the ink. Allow the cards to dry thoroughly before using, or the ink may smear. When dry, have your child trace the dotted letters. Take breaks when needed, and try to keep it fun.

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