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Transition in Special Education – Special Education Transition


Updated June 25, 2014

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Definition: Transition in special education programs is the movement from program to another. Transitions can be:
  • from one grade classroom to another;
  • from one school to another;
  • from one program to another; or
  • from school to postsecondary, college, vocational program, or other program.
It is important to communicate with your child's teachers concerning upcoming transitions. Typically schools will discuss transition at IEP team meetings or annual reviews. When discussing your learning disabled child's transition from one situation to another, it is important to understand:
  • your child's level of performance in his current placement;
  • the requirements in the new placement; and
  • the areas your child will likely require supports to help him adjust.
The team will need to identify what adaptations, modifications, specially designed instruction, or other supports will be needed for your child to succeed in his new placement.

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A good transition plan will help your child adjust to the requirements of a new program.

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