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Specially Blended Families - What is a Specially Blended Family?


Updated November 07, 2008

Sibling a Child with Disabilities with Dad

Sibling a Child with Disabilities with Dad

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Definition: Specially Blended Families - It is likely you've heard about blended families, those created by a marriage or domestic partnership between adults with children from previous marriages. Blended families "blend" family cultures that are sometimes quite different.

"Specially blended families" also blend different characteristics. A specially blended family is a family with at least one parent, foster parent, or guardian and both children with disabilities and without disabilities. Specially blended families may include biological, adopted, and / or step children.

Like blended families, specially blended families face similar challenges as they strive to meet needs of individuals and the family as a whole.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones have three children. One of the children has bipolar disorder, but the other two children have no disabilities.

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