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Dyslexia Programs – What Are Common Dyslexia Programs?

Find Common Programs for Dyslexia


Updated October 30, 2011

Find Examples of Common Dyslexia Programs

Dyslexia Programs

Special education laws do not require that specific programs be for dyslexia or learning disabilities. Instead, it is required that research-based methods be used and that an individualized education program be reasonably calculated to confer educational benefit to a child. However, there are many research-based programs available for dyslexia. Many schools use these programs for dyslexia or programs with similar methodologies. Some teachers use parts of various programs as well as teacher-designed teaching materials. This list includes commercially published dyslexia programs designed for use in schools, and it is is not exhaustive. Would you like to recommend a program for dyslexia that is not listed here? Write me at learningdisabilities@aboutguide.com.
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