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Strategies to Make Friends Outside of School

Make Friends and Develop Social Skills Outside School


Updated December 16, 2011

Why Helping Your Child Make Friends with Your Own Planned Activities is Important

Making friends can be tough for children with learning disabilities. Learning disabled children may feel as if they do not fit in with others. Further, if they are not provided specially designed instruction in regular classrooms through collaboration, they may only have the opportunity to interact with a small number of their schoolmates.

Sometimes there are no organized opportunities for your child to interact with others in your neighborhood or at your child's school. But this needn't prevent you from creating your own opportunities for your child to interact socially with others and make friends. Help your child develop social skills and build friendships that can potentially be lifelong.

Planning Your Own Activities for Your Child and His Friends Can be Easier Than You May Think

Consider creating your own group activities for him and others from your neighborhood, school, or church. Provide a back yard, games, sports equipment, and healthy snacks, add children, and stir. Monitor activity to ensure safety and good sportsmanship.

Entertaining a small group of children need not be overly expensive. In many cases, you can purchase games and sports equipment at discount stores, thrift shops, and yard sales. Kids can also bring equipment from their own homes to share with the group.

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