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Develop Self-Esteem and Confidence with This Family Craft

This Craft will Help Your Child Build Self-Esteem and Confidence


Updated July 17, 2011

A family banner is a flag decorated with images and colors that are meaningful to your family. The banner can depict your family values, hobbies, family members and their interests, athleticism, interests such as music, church, or charity work, and any other ideas your family treasures. Before you make your family banner, consider having family members explore their own personal values, create personal coats-of-arms, and develop family values.
  1. You will need: a variety of craft materials such as glitter, ribbon, colored construction paper, old magazines for pictures, glue, buttons, material scraps, sequins, markers, paint, safety scissors, and whatever else you have available. Your banner background can be made from paper, cloth, plastic tarp, or other available material.
  2. You may want to plan your family banner on notebook paper before trying your design on the banner. Make sure that everyone's opinions are heard and that at least one of everyone's ideas is used on the banner.
  3. Once you've agreed upon the design of the banner, assign each family member a task. They may draw, paint, and/or use magazine pictures to create their parts to be placed on the banner. When everyone's work is complete, allow the banner to dry.
  4. Have the family gather to hang the banner in the house. Near the door is a good place so that your family members can be reminded every day, as they enter and leave the home, of their family's important values.
  5. Have each person talk about their part of the banner, what it stands for, and why it is an important value to your family.
  6. Revisit the banner from time to time to discuss how your family's activities are aligned with your values.

Check out these family banners created by foster parents on retreat!

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