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Learning Disabled Adults May Benefit from Brain Training

Can Brain Training Help LD Senior Citizens Stay Mentally Sharp?


Updated June 18, 2014

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Brain training involves puzzle and game-like activities available in computerized programs, hand held gaming devices and PDAs, flash cards, and book formats. Brain training activities are designed to stimulate thinking skills and problem solving.

Current research in neurology using magnetic resonance imagery (MRI) has shown that daily training activities improved memory, even in persons with brain impairments. Some researchers theorize that these daily activities improve blood flow to the brain, improve overall brain functioning, and possibly slow the effects of aging. Activities may improve visual reasoning, verbal and nonverbal reasoning skills, memory, thinking skills, attention, concentration, and response time. Researchers stress that to get the full benefits of brain training programs, consistency is key. Regular, daily practice for several minutes is important to produce lasting, long-term benefits.

What commercial brain training programs are available?

  • Nintendo Brain Age 2 works with Nintendo DS systems.
  • The 10 Minute Brain Workout is a book of logic puzzles, tips, and games that includes an explanation of how these activities affect your brain and build thinking capacity.

    What can you do at home to train your brain? Commercial program producers say that their programs are more effective than strategies you may use at home. However, educational research also shows that daily practice with educational games and activities helps learners of all ages. Logically, activities you choose for yourself are likely to produce some benefit. Try these:

    • Crossword puzzles
    • Find-a-Word puzzles
    • Sudoku
    • Read your favorite literature or newspapers.
    • Puzzles on About.com - They're free!
    • Play video games with your kids or grandkids.
    • Play board games with your kids.
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