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Top 10 Tips to Help Your Learning Disabled Student with Homework


Updated July 12, 2011

Homework can be a real challenge for students with learning disabilities. Apart from having difficulty in the area of disability, lack of organization can create more of a problem for these students and lead to all-nighter homework sessions. Helping our students prepare for success ahead of time will increase their confidence, support their work, and reduce their stress.

1. Create a Study Area Designed for Your Child's Success

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As you're making mental notes about how to prepare for school, take a constructive survey of your student's study area. It is important to create a study area that is free from distractions such as television or noisy siblings and free of clutter. It is also important that the student have ready access to school supplies and reference materials.

2. Gather a Collection of Appropriate Reference Books and Resources

Choose appropriate reference materials. Talk with your child's teachers about types of materials provided at school. If possible, choose materials those your child uses during the day. This will increase study time efficiency and effectiveness. Provide a dictionary and encyclopedia. Online resources are also good, but books have benefits not duplicated on the web such as improving ability to alphabetize and having multiple resources visible at once.

3. Consider CD-ROM Resources to Supplement the Internet

When using the Internet, remember that a dial-up connection can be painstakingly slow. If you feel that using the computer is a priority, consider using CD-ROM reference materials when possible. For those of you who prefer online services, some excellent homework help sites are available for K-12 Students. Here are some terrific resources to get you started:

4. Explore Homework Helps for Teens on About.com

From your About.com guide, this site offers helpful homework resources just for teens.

5. Homework Advice for Parents on About.com

Find advice for parents to help kids with homework on About.com.

6. Homework Assistance Resources for K-12 Students

Homeworkspot.com includes reference books, subject area helps by school level, a parent and teacher resource area, and even science fair resources.

7. Homework Help and Resources for Elementary Levels

Fact Monster by Information Please offers a colorful, easy-to-navigate homework site with an easy, colorful layout that will appeal to the elementary and junior-high set.

8. Homework Assistance Resources with Additional Teacher Assistance

Homework Help Forum The homework help forum has been setup exclusively for students with simple homework questions. Anyone can ask questions, and questions are almost always answered within a couple days. A Jiskha.com certified teacher will often take time to answer some of the questions on the forum.

9. Homework Assistance Resources for Multiple Subjects Across All Grade Levels

Discovery Education offers a free homework help site that includes searchable references for Art, Music, Computer Science, English and World Languages, Health and Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, and Math. Links to News, Reference, Search Engines, and even Recess Resources are provided.

10. Resources for Homework Help In Subjects and Reference Materials

Infoplease supplies free homework references for Geography, History, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Reference tools include almanacs, atlas, dictionaries, encyclopedia, and biographies.

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