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Reading Comprehension - How Can I help My Child with Reading Comprehension?

A Reader Writes - Helping a Child with Reading Comprehension


Updated May 09, 2014

A Parent Works on Reading Comprehension with Her Child

Reading Comprehension

I have an 8 year old daughter whom was diagnosed with a learning disability in 3rd grade. I am concerned because she is having problems retaining information when studying for a test.

We study at home and she seems to know the information however when she gets to class she doesn't recall it. What can I do in order for her to do well on taking test in school?

She gets one on one tutoring for reading comprehension. I have noticed she has improved on her reading skills however her comprehension is not doing well. We read every night asking her questions regarding the story but again when reading questions on the test in school she is not able to answer them correctly. What do you suggest I can do at home? besides all the accommodations at school, what can teachers do as well? I would really appreciate your advice regarding my daughter.

My Response:
Thank you for writing with your concerns about your daughter. If you haven't already done so, consider asking the school for a complete speech and language evaluation. Even if she has no speech difficulty, language issues could be a factor in her comprehension and especially memory. You may also want to consider requesting an evaluation for attention deficit disorder (inattentive type).

If she qualifies for speech and language therapy, it is possible this could help her comprehension and her ability to retain information as well.

If she has an attention deficit, the school can provide adaptations and accommodations that can help her with school work and testing. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may also want to discuss it with your pediatrician to determine if a medical intervention would be appropriate.

If your daughter does not have language or attention deficits, there are still some things that can be done to help her reading comprehension. Studying the same materials over several sessions throughout the week can be helpful. Often, children with memory weaknesses need repeated exposure to material to retain it. You can also use this strategy to improve comprehension and retention.

I hope you find this helpful.

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