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Hi Lo Reading Level Book by Max Elliot Anderson - Hi-Lo Reading Books


Updated November 11, 2008

Cover of Mountain Cabin Mystery

Mountain Cabin Mystery

Max Elliot Anderson

High Interest Low Level Readers - Why Choose Hi Lo Books?:

High Interest Low Level Readers - Finding the right reading material for children with learning disabilities in basic reading, reading comprehension, or dyslexia is a challenge. This is especially true for "tweenaged" boys ages eight through twelve. For this group, books must include content kids of this age can relate to and be written at a lower grade level. These books are referred to as high interest, low reading level books.

Finding Hi Lo Readers - High Interest Low Reading Level Books are Hard to Find:

It is sometimes frustrating that high interest low reading ability reading materials for children with learning disabilities are hard to find. Hi Lo reading books, for example, are typically published by small publishers or by specialty publishers who carry materials designed for use in special education programs.

Tweener Press Adventure Series - A High Interest Low Reading Ability Series:

Max Elliot Anderson's Tweener Press Adventure Series books are hi lo readers written with LD kids in mind. Max describes himself as "never liking to read as a child." He uses his experience to reach struggling readers. The books feature:
  • low level vocabulary; and
  • action based sentences that focus less on description and more on action - a structure that researchers and advocates of literacy in males have found helpful in engaging boys.
  • A majority of sentences are simply structured. Some sentences contain additional phrases and clauses, but these are used sparingly.

Struggling Readers and High Interest Low Level Books :

This book is an intense adventure story where children face life-threatening situations. Positive values are an underlying theme. A group of boys begin a long anticipated adventure camping trip. While hiking, they take a wrong turn and enter a restricted military zone. Lost in the woods, they are glad to find an isolated cabin where they hope they can find help. Instead, they find a group of terrorists have taken over the cabin as their hideout, and the boys are in terrible danger. They survive on their wits and meager supplies as they try to get away and warn others of the terrorists' plot.

High Interest - Low Reading Level Books from Max Elliot Anderson:

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