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Washington Reads - Card Games for Reading and Language Development

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Updated February 09, 2010

A Student Learning Sight Words

Student using flashcards.

Washington Reads

The Bottom Line

These reading card games can help students recognize word and sound patterns. They are not a stand-alone reading program and are intended to provide practice and reinforcement of specific skills. The approach is a combination of sight recognition and phonics that would be best used as part of a formal reading and language curriculum in school or as part of a formal homeschool curriculum.


  • Interactive card games engage learners in an entertaining way.
  • The cards teach visual recognition of letter patterns.
  • SocraTeaser and CaesarPleaser cards will help with comprehension of many English words.
  • My "test kid" enjoyed the interaction of this activity and the game approach.


  • Struggling readers will need guidance while using this product.
  • The cards are expensive at about $15.00 per deck.


  • Reading and language card decks help students learn elements of reading and develop language skills.
  • The cards are a bit smaller than standard playing cards, are thinly coated for added durability, and can be wiped clean.
  • In my opinion, the cards would be best used as part of a reading program in school or structured homeschool curriculum.

Guide Review - Washington Reads - Card Games for Reading and Language Development

These classic card games published by Washington Reads were developed by speech pathologists Kathy Hosty and Michelle Gips to help students develop reading and language skills. Each deck is designed to teach and reinforce a different set of skills and includes playing instructions. The product developers maintain a website which includes additional activities and different ways to use the decks to enhance learning.

Available decks include:

  • Crazy Sounds - Teaches long vowel sounds, vowel sounds affecting tense, and patterns of letters creating sounds.
  • My Turn, My Turn - Teaches blends and adjacent consonants with short vowels in single-syllable words.
  • Don't be Greedy - Teaches short vowel sounds in consonant-vowel-consonant words.
  • Outlaw - Teaches sight word phrases.
  • Sound Off 1 - Teaches vowel patterns for "oe" "ou" "ee" sounds.
  • Sound Off 2 - Teaches vowel patterns for "ae" "ee" "oo" "u" "ie" sounds.
  • New York Minute - Provides practice for words with multiple syllables.
  • Fish for Endings - Teaches regular word ending patterns to help with recognition, pronunciation, and spelling.
  • SocraTeaser - Teaches spelling and meaning of Greek roots of English words.
  • CaesarPleaser - Teaches spelling and meaning of Latin roots of English words.
Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. My personal practice is to return or donate all review items based on the publisher's preference. In this case, the publisher requested the product be donated.

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