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Essential Tasks To Do Before the End of the School Year

Special Education Things To Do Before School Ends


Updated October 28, 2009

Why are we thinking about things to do before the end of the school year? Because it will be here before you know it, and the to do list takes time. Starting your to do list now will help you avoid delays during the mad rush at the end of the school year.

1. Things To Do Before School Breaks -

Things to do during school breaks include reviewing skills your child has learned and preparing for instruction to come. To do this effectively, you need to plan ahead. Learn what to do to get ready for school breaks coming during the holiday season and during spring break.

2. Review Your Child's IEP or 504 Plan - Get Ready To Do IEP Reviews

Has your child's IEP been reviewed within the last year? If not, mark your calendar now as a reminder to call the IEP team chairperson at school to ask about the date to conduct the annual review. This suggestion goes for 504 plans as well.

3. Brush up on Reading Skills - Continue Practicing Reading, Learning Vocabulary

Encourage your child to continue your summer reading schedule over the school break and right up to the beginning of school. That's the best way to prepare for the coming school year.

It's not a bad idea to start reading Accelerated Reader List books now so your child will be ahead. Try to stay ahead on your school's reader requirements during the school year to combat those last minute cries of "Mom, tomorrow is the last day to take my accelerated reader test."

4. Practice Math - Practicing Math in Summer to Get Ready for School

Keep math skills sharp by:

5. Practice Writing During School Breaks to Get Ready for School

Continue working on writing skills during break to be in top shape for the coming school year.
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