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How To Reduce The Morning Drama With Your Kids

Get a Better Start to your Day Without Morning Drama

By Norma Brown

Updated April 29, 2013

Mornings are usually chaotic in a house with kids who need to go to school. Everyone is in a hurry. Sometimes, mom and dad need to prepare for work too. If you have a baby, it gets even worse when he cries. There is a solution to lessen the morning drama in your household. Read on.

Schedule Sleep and Wake-up Times

Kids need 9-10 hours of sleep each day so make sure that you have a proper sleep and wake up schedule in place to avoid the first scene in your morning drama - getting kids out of the bed.

Different Wake-up Schedules

If you have several children, stagger their wake-up times so that they won't get on each other's way. Wake the younger kids first as you need to assist them in getting ready. Wake the slow moving children up earlier as well. The extra minutes will allow them to finish preparing on time. This schedule will lessen the shouting and running around in the morning. Establishing these morning routines can help.

Plan their Clothes

It has been said time and again that proper planning is your best bet to avoid disasters. At night, put out the set of clothes that your child will wear to school the following day. Lay everything out from hair accessories down to shoes. Let your kids help out. This way, they don't have to look for that missing sock or that pink skirt with printed flowers that she wore during grandma's birthday.

Plan your Breakfast Menu

Like the clothes, it will be a lot easier for you to have a set breakfast menu posted on your refrigerator. On Sunday night, plan a menu for the rest of the week. Be sure to have all your ingredients ready so that you wouldn't have to change dishes.

Plan their Packed Lunch

Parents usually just pack some juice, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some crackers and a fruit in their kids' lunch boxes. Give your child more healthier and filling choices such as salads, pastas, etc. If you plan your packed lunch menu right, you and your child can both have a good healthy lunch every day. There are some foods that you can just >a href="http://kidscooking.about.com/od/dinnerrecipes/tp/freezer_meals.htm">make ahead of time, freeze and then reheat in the microwave. Your child will also appreciate the home cooked meal. Just be sure that the lunch that you pack does not violate the list of prohibited foods i.e. nuts, dairy, etc. Check with the school about their packed lunch guidelines.

Get Their Things Ready

Make sure that they prepare kids' bags at night. All their homework, books and notebooks should be there. If they have to bring a project, put that beside their bags so they will not forget. Better yet, if you drive them to school, put all these things inside the car the night before so you will not have to worry the next morning.


If you have a thousand and one things on your to-do list every morning, you will really be stressed out at the first hour. Learn to prioritize the most important tasks such as helping your child prepare for school, prepare their lunch and take them to school. When you get home, that's the time when you should tackle the laundry or the vacuuming. You will actually find this more convenient because you won't have kids running around the house looking for you. You can be alone and focus on finishing your chores easier and faster because there will be no distractions.

A little planning and scheduling is all it takes to keep a sane morning environment in your house.

This article was written by mom by day, blogger by night Norma Brown. If you liked this article, check out her childrens beds website.

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