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Flash Cards Can Help You Teach Subtraction Skills

Free Subtraction Flash Cards to Download for Teaching Math Skills


Updated February 21, 2012

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These subtraction flash cards can be effective teaching tools for this important math foundation skill for elementary aged children and older students. These free subtraction flash cards can be downloaded and used for math skills practice. The cards cover addition from 1 - 12 and include cards with and without answers. Also included are cards demonstrating low negative numbers. There are several ways you can print and use these subtraction flash cards:
  • Use the cards with answers for practice. Show cards one by one and read the problems aloud with your child.
  • Divide the cards into groups such as ones, twos, threes, etc... Work with each group individually. As your child masters one group, move to the next.
  • When working on a group of cards, show them to your child and allow him to use his fingers, pencil marks, objects such as dry beans, small uncooked noodles, pennies, or other suitable object to tally the answers. As your child masters the group, reduce the use of hands-on materials. Keep them nearby just in case your child needs them, but praise his progress.
  • For longer lasting cards, paste problems with the answers to one side of an index card and paste the problem without the answer to the other side of the index card.
Download the Free Subtraction Flash Cards

Blank Flashcard Templates

Remember to keep learning activities fun and enjoyable for your child to instill a love of learning.
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