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Free Addition Flash Cards You Can Download and Print

Printable Addition Flash Cards for Home and School


Updated May 20, 2014

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Flash cards can be effective teaching tools for many types of skills for elementary aged children and older students. These free addition flash cards can be downloaded and used for hours of math skills practice. The cards cover addition from 1 - 12 and include cards with and without answers.

Tips for Printing Math Flashcards:
Each file prints two pages. You can print the whole set or select specific ones your child needs practice with. Want to save on the cost of printing? Print your cards using the "draft quality" setting for your printer. Draft quality uses less ink but produces copies that a little lighter than regular copies but will work just fine for flash cards. Find ideas for how to use math flash cards here. Also, check out the very easy and very effective constant time delay teaching strategy.

Blank Flashcard Templates

Flash card games are a fun way to teach addition to your child. Remember that learning should be kept fun and enjoyable.

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