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Common Intelligence Tests

Learn about various types of intelligence tests and cognitive evaluations commonly used to assess special education students. Learn the names of common tests, what they measure, and why they are used. Discover why these assessments are important and how they can help you and your child's teachers develop an appropriate educational program.
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What is IQ?
Learn the definition of IQ.

What You Need to Know About Intelligence Testing
Learn the basics about intelligence testing, what it is, and how it is used in serving students with learning disabilities.

What is an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Test?
What is an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Test? Find out more about these tests and why they are important in diagnosis of educational disabilities.

What Parents Need to Know About Intelligence Testing
Read an overview of intelligence testing and what parents need to know about these assessments.

When IQ Tests Are Not Appropriate - A Lesson from Autism
In not very surprising news, it turns out that standard IQ tests are lousy tools for measuring the intelligence of autistic individuals.

The Comprehensive Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (CTONI)
Read an overview of the Comprehensive Test of Nonverbal Intelligence. Learn what it measures, the types of tasks involved, and why it can be helpful for some students.

Battelle Developmental Inventory - Test for Infant and Child Development
Learn about the Battelle Developmental Inventory, an assessment instrument designed to measure development in babies and young children with suspected developmental delays and disabilities.

Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development - Early Assessment
Do you suspect your infant or toddler has developmental delays? If so, one of the assessments she may be given is the Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development. Learn about this assessment, what it measures, and how it can be used for diagnosis and program planning.

Intelligence Tests Used in Assessment for Learning Disabilities
A parents' guide to understanding the IQ test results on the child's psychoeducational assessment.

Your Intelligence Type
More on multiple intelligences theory.

What is Validity?
A test has construct validity if it demonstrates an association between the test scores and the prediction of a theoretical trait.

Relationship Between Hypothyroidism and Babies with Low IQ
The study found that the 62 children whose mothers were hypothyroid during pregnancy performed less well on all the various intelligence and IQ tests used.

Increasing Your Intelligence
IQ tests measure two types of intelligence. One type, known as crystallized intelligence, is based on information gained from long-term memory.

Racism and Intelligence Testing
Theories and observations on recent research on intelligence and the inequity of intelligence testing and theory.

Standardized Testing
Discussion of common standardized assessments used in special education.

Do Brain Gym Lessons Improve Intelligence?
Every nerve and cell is a network contributing to our intelligence. Learn about Brain Gym activities and the theory they may improve intelligence.

What is Reliability?
Test-retest reliability is best used for things that are stable over time, such as intelligence. Learn about reliability.

The Link Between Breast Feeding and Intelligence
Breast feeding in the earliest part of a baby's life has been associated with an increase in intelligence by first grade. Learn more about this link and the research.

IQ Tests and Autism - Those IQ Tests Were Wrong!
In not very surprising news, it turns out that standard IQ tests are lousy tools for measuring the intelligence of individuals with autism.

Verbal / Performance Discrepancies on IQ Tests
A question and answer about a child's intelligence scale results.

Understanding Intelligence Tests
The most commonly used intelligence test for determining a handicapping condition of Specific Learning Disability is the WISC-III*, from the Wechsler series. Learn more about this test.

Multiple Intelligences Types
Do you think IQ tests provide the best indication of intelligence? Some researchers argue that traditional intelligence tests favored logical and mathematical people and failed to identify other, equally important types of intelligence.

Children of Alcoholics - Are They Different?
A summary of various research studies on children of alcoholics and their coping and aptitude skills.

What is Your EQ? Emotional Intelligence Quotient
What is your emotional intelligence quotient? Take this quiz to learn more about your emotional intelligence.

Theories of Intelligence
Instead of focusing on the analysis of test scores, Gardner proposed that numerical expressions of human intelligence are not a full and accurate depiction.

Emotional Intelligence Testing
An overview of emotional intelligence. Determine your own emotional intelligence.

The Evolution of Intelligence
Theories of how intelligence has evolved.

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