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Improve Your Child's Memory with These Tips

Memory Improvement Strategy Helps Recall


Updated June 25, 2014

Mother and daughter reading in living room
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Simply put, mnemonics (pronounced: nemoniks) are a way of memorizing information by creating links between words and letters to form a memorable word or sentence that will help you recall the material.

Chances are, you have used a mnemonic device in the past. Do you remember that "A rat in the house might eat the ice cream?" If so, then you will recall that by memorizing the sentence, you also remember how to spell the word "arithmetic." The first letter of every word in the sentence spells out the word. A math mnemonic, MiDAS, gives the order of operations. The letters stand for multiply, divide, add, and subtract.

Mnemonics work because they involve pairing of familiar information with new learning material. The brain can access new material more readily and retain it longer because it relates it to previously learned concepts.

You can develop and use your own mnemonics to help your learning disabled child remember new concepts. Make them , catchy, and related to your child's interests, and he will remember them even more easily.

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