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Free and Low Cost Resources for Teaching Kids with Learning Disabilities

Free, Low Cost Teaching Resources for Children with Learning Disabilities


Updated August 19, 2012

Free and Low Cost Teaching Resources

Sometimes the high cost of specialty teaching materials for students with learning disabilities makes it difficult for parents and teachers to provide educational and entertaining teaching experiences. Fortunately, there are many quality resources available at low or no cost right here on About.com. There are many excellent resources on the web as well. Here are several you and your child are sure to enjoy.

Free Audiobooks

Free Academic Resources for Teens and Adult Students -

  • Free Distance Learning Resources - These free web resources can help you make save time, save money, and succeed in distance learning courses and can supplement regular classwork.
  • Resources for Free Homework Help and Answers to Your Questions
  • Free Literature Guides Online -Literature guides are wonderful for teens and college aged students with learning disabilities or who are simply pressed for time. Literature guides offer condensed synopsis of books and analytical articles to help readers understand complex literary works.
  • Ways to Save on College Textbooks.
  • One of my personal favorite resources for low cost textbooks and other resources is Questia.com. Questia offers thousands of online high school and college level textbooks, research articles from scholarly journals, newspapers, magazines, and more. They offer the complete collection or individual collections for a lower price. The entire collection for one year, however, is about the same price I paid for a one graduate school textbook. All the collections are searchable, and there are online paper writing tools that make references and footnotes a snap. Questia also offers a free trial to see if the service is for you.

Free Tutoring Resources

Free Online Educational Games

Free Downloadable Flashcards from the Learning Disabilities Site

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