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Learning Games - Teach Alphabet and Language Skills with this Learning Game

Teach Alphabet Sounds, Turn Taking, and Language Skills


Updated May 30, 2010

The alphabet expedition is a fun learning game teaching several skills.

Learning Game: The Alphabet Expedition

Ann Logsdon
Learning games are a great way to teach and practice skills. This learning game teaches and reinforces:
  • Alphabetization;
  • Turn-taking;
  • Thinking skills;
  • Categorization;
  • Cooperation; and
  • Language concepts.

The Learning Game: Alphabet Expedition: See photos of the game pieces.
  • The object of the game is to race other players around the board while each player thinks up words beginning with the letter on the spaces where they land.
  • The learning game uses two dice and a game board you can print.
  • About the Board:
    • The learning game board starts in the upper left corner and ends in the lower right.
    • The game course is made up of the alphabet and special map squares, as well as decorative objects for use as resting spots.
  • About the Dice:
  • The learning game uses two dice that you can print out. The die assembly instructions appear on the printout page.
  • The first is a standard die. I've spruced up the dots with flowers. If you prefer, you can use any regular die in place of this one. Print out the standard flower die.
  • The second die is the category die, and it features drawings and words representing various categories such as clothing and animals. Print the category die.
  • You Will Need:
  • Markers for the board. You can use:
  • Beans of different colors;
  • Shaped dry pasta (elbow, bow tie, shell, wheel);
  • Game pieces borrowed from other games;
  • Fruit Loops cereal or other type with pieces of different shapes and colors;
  • Adhesive paper dots of the same color, (backs stuck together) using a different color for each child;
  • File folder label folded in half with each child's name written on them or using different colors for future use.
  • Dice Shaker: A large stadium cup is recommended.
Learning Game Rules:
  1. The Learning game Alphabet Expedition is recommended for 1 - 5 players.
  2. Players roll the flowered die to determine who goes first. The player with the highest roll goes first. Play continues clockwise.
  3. The first player places his marker on "Start." He rolls the flowered die and the category die with pictures of objects on it.
  4. The player moves forward, counting each letter as a space. To remain on his space, the player must think of a word that begins with the letter on his space and falls within the category on the dice. If the player cannot think of a word, he can ask the other players for help. If they can help, he moves back one, and the other players move up one. If none of the players can help, the first player moves to one of the resting spots on the board. Resting spots are the pictures around the board including the tent, the canoe, and other objects. He stays there for one turn and then places his marker back on the letter he had been on the previous turn. He rolls and continues.
  5. Map Spaces - The board includes spaces marked by maps. If a player lands on this space, he must go back two spaces and think of a word beginning with that letter and within the category indicated on the category die.
  6. When the first player's turn is over, the player to his left goes next. The play continues around the board in a clockwise direction.
  7. Winning the Game - The player who first reaches the Finish space at the cave wins. The game can end at that point, or the others may continue until each person reaches the cave.

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