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Boardmaker Studio - Software for Special Educators and More

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Updated October 10, 2010

The Bottom Line

Overall I liked this product and its potential for helping teachers develop professional quality, personalized learning materials for their students. While it will take some time to learn how to use its many features, once comfortable with it, teachers could save time using this product because they will not have to scour the web for appropriate graphics or deal with tricky formatting in plain graphics or word processing software. While pricey, it is well work the investment for development of truly individualized educational programs for special needs children.


  • Boardmaker Studio can create worksheets, computer activities, and videos for instructional use.
  • The program includes a vast array of clip-art from Mayer-Johnson for classroom use.
  • Boardmaker Studio's support and tutorials are well-desiged and clear.
  • Graphics are functional for educational use in all subject areas and especially life skills.


  • Boardmaker Studio's $300 to $500 price tag may place it out of many teachers' budgets.
  • Takes time to learn how to use the software.


  • Boardmaker Studio is software created by Mayer-Johnson for educators.
  • The software enables teachers to customize graphics for individualized instruction.
  • Boardmaker Studio creates worksheets, classroom posters, videos, and interactive on-screen activities.
  • Boardmaker Studio includes helpful tutorials and an online community for sharing resources and technical assistance.

Guide Review - Boardmaker Studio - Software for Special Educators and More

Boardmaker Studio is a comprehensive software program for developing customized classroom materials. Though we usually think of Boardmaker, Mayer-Johnson, and Dynavox as purely special education marketers, Boardmaker Studio would be a helpful tool in regular classrooms, for Teachers of English Language Learners (ELL) and Speech Language Pathologists. Boardmaker Studio is just that - - a studio for production of quality graphics and customized language with nearly endless applications. Boardmaker can be used to create worksheets, schedules, instructions, tests, and more. This produce even beyond paper products to allow users to work with video clips, create on-screen computer activities, and it involves web-based support and resources as well.

Admittedly, I was a little intimidated by the software at first, because of it's array of features and functions, but the program includes an introductory video and video tutorials in the online community to support users. The Boardmaker Studio also includes project templates to help you get started and to develop professional-looking projects.

Boardmaker studio would be useful in developing programs for students with both expressive and receptive language weaknesses, learning disabilities, developmental and intellectual disabilities, as well as those with pervasive developmental disorders such as autism. Teachers of non-disabled students can employ the graphics and interactive on-screen features for encouraging interactive learning in children at all levels of learning.

Boardmaker Studio and other software trial versions are available on the publisher's website.

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