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Choosing Toys for Your Child's Developmental Level

Choosing Toys for Birth to Age Two


Updated November 12, 2011

When choosing toys for your child, it is important to consider his age and his developmental level. This is especially important for children with developmental delays and disabilities.
  • If your baby or toddler has been diagnosed with a developmental disability or delay, her pediatrician, speech therapist, teacher, and occupational and physical therapists can offer suggestions on the types of toys that will be most beneficial to her.
  • In general, look for toys at or slightly above your child's skill level. It is important for him to have toys that he can successfully play with as well as those that challenge him. Challenge should be fun and stimulating; not frustrating.
  • Most toys are rated for specific age ranges. Consider your child's disability and whether it impacts her ability to safely play a particular toy that may be designed for her age but may be too far ahead of her actual development.
  • As your child enters preschool and kindergarten, his teachers can assist you with finding toys that meet both his developmental level and chronological age.
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