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Winter Activities for a Toddler and Family

Try These Fun Activities Appropriate for Families with Toddlers

By Rick and Annie Magennis

Updated February 20, 2013

When it comes to seasons, winter definitely has its own charm, but can be a little too cold for your toddler to spend hours in. Not to fear, because the winter season is no reason to keep your toddler cooped up inside the house without having fun. Plopping your child in front of the television all day or handing your baby your iPad to keep him/her distracted is not a solution either. You want to keep your child active and happy which will be healthier for him/her. There are a variety of fun and creative activities for you and your toddler to do together while being indoors during winter and some shorter length activities you can do indoors or outdoors.

Bundle Up, It's Time for some Fun! Snow is fascinating for children, and so it is always fun for your toddler to experience some time in the snow with you and your family. Monitoring the time you're toddler is outside is crucial to make sure your baby does not get too cold. After getting bundled up and ready, head out to the backyard with your kids. Show your toddler how to make little snow balls and let him/her run around for a bit. Involving the family is a healthy way to have some fun and to keep the environment safe for your child.

Sledding in the Park - A great way to have some family fun is to get everyone together to go to the park. Grab your sleds and let your kids have some fun sledding and tubing on a hill. Your toddler may be too young to be sledding down a hill, but you can still involve him/her. Get a sled for your baby and you can pull it around on level ground so your toddler can safely be part of the fun.

Painting in the Snow - A great activity which is creative and appropriate for all ages is painting in the snow. You can grab all the spray and squeeze bottles in your house and fill them up with water and food coloring. Once outside, you can start to draw pictures or write your names in the snow. The activity is a fun and inexpensive way for your family to do something together.

Make a Snowman Indoors - Arts and crafts are always a great way to keep your toddler happy and active if it is too cold outside. Arts and crafts are also fun for children and adults of any ages, so it's always easy to involve your family in the fun. You can either set up a little station for your toddler to paint on, or if you have marshmallows handy at home, you can build miniature marshmallow snowmen. An added bonus is that if you make mini snowmen out of marshmallows, you can always eat them afterwards. If you want, you can use different objects from around the house for your snow men and it can be a really great activity for your children to enjoy.

Making Snowflakes - If you have some crafts in your house, you and your toddler can make some pretty snowflakes together. All you need are some cotton balls, paints, glitter, pipe cleaners, beads, and ribbon. It's fine if you don't have all these available to you at the time. The great thing about craft projects at home is that you can improvise. Engaging your family and toddler in arts and crafts is a great way to keep everyone happy and distracted from a wintery cold day.

Sugar Cookies - A great way to push away the winter woes is to make sugar cookies. You can engage your family in some baking fun by rolling out sugar cookie dough and then taking different cookie cutter shapes and having everyone make their own cookies. Once the cookies have been baked, you can get your family to paint on some icing sugar. It's a great activity for you and your kids, and also a yummy one.

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