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Special Education Records - Organizing Your Child's Special Education Records

Your Child's Special Education Records are Important for Many Reasons


Updated October 01, 2009

Organizing Special Education Records

Special Education Records

Your child's special education records provide important details on your child's special education program. Special education records are important because:
  • They provide evidenced of your child's eligibility for special education;
  • They show a history of his progress throughout his educational program;
  • They can help you plan for your child's future;
  • They will be needed if your child needs accommodations for college entrance exams;
  • In adulthood, special education records can verify the need for accommodations in college or in the workplace.
  • If you have a conflict with your child's school, documentation can be used as evidence in a complaint or hearing.
Organizing Special Education Records Special education programs generate more paper than your tax attorney, and it is easy to lose track of them. One of the most effective ways I've found to deal with the unruly mess is to start a special education notebook system:
  1. Start by gathering all the documents you have and placing them in chronological order with from newest to oldest. Keeping the most current information on top will reduce the wear and tear on your records. Always keep your original copies.
  2. Use a three-hole punch to make holes. Place the documents in an ordinary binder. A three inch binder should hold two to three years of records. If your child has complex needs such as behavioral or medical issues, you may want a larger binder.
  3. Label the binder on the spine as "School Records - Your child's Name." Write the beginning date beneath your child's name. When the binder is full, write the end date beside the beginning date, and start another notebook.
  4. Placing divider sheets between sections of your notebook can help you locate forms more quickly. Label them by date or according to the item behind the tab.
  5. Store your volumes in a private place in your home.

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