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Educational Records Review, Part of the Assessment Process


Updated June 27, 2014

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Why is an Educational Records Review Needed?:

A thorough review of a student's records involves analysis of the entire educational history. Evaluators also attempt to get records from any previous schools the child may have attended. Information from the student's files may provide details that help examiners understand why the child is having learning problems in school.

Educational Records Review Includes Folders:

Cumulative folders or files,are kept for students which may include:
  • History of programs attended;
  • Attendance records;
  • Previous support services provided to the child or family;
  • Educational performance history;
  • Grade reports;
  • Standardized achievement test results as required by the state or local district;
  • Discipline and behavior records;
  • Names of past teachers who may be available for further research on the student's educational history;
  • Records of the number of times a student may have moved and changed schools; and
  • Student health records.

Review Includes Special Education Records:

Students with a history of placement in special education will also have a special education folder. These are typically stored separately from the cumulative folders to protect the child's confidentiality rights. Only educators with a legitimate educational interest in the child have access to the folder. Special education folders typically include current and any previous placements and services.

Educational Records Review - Contents of a Special Education Record:

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