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High Interest - Low Reading Level Books - Learn about High Low Reading Books

High Interest, Low Reading Level Books Encourage Reluctant Readers


Updated October 08, 2009

If your child has learning disabilities in reading comprehension, basic reading skills, or dyslexia, you may have a difficult time encouraging her to read. High low books may help. High interest - low reading level books can be helpful for English language learners.

High interest - low reading level books, sometimes called hi-lo books are written with subjects that are appealing to children of various ages using a lower reading level of vocabulary. These books include stories that are appropriate for the child's developmental level. This enables children with disabilities to read the same type of content their peers read. The lower level vocabulary and sentence structure helps minimize the impact of the child's disability on his comprehension of the subject.

There are many high interest - low reading level books available through specialty publishers. Children's Books on About.com publishes a list of resources by grade level. Most high interest - low level books are available from smaller publishing houses and specialty publishers. High interest - low reading level books are one of many ways to encourage reluctant readers to read.

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