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Assess Your Stress with this Stress Management Screener

Improve Your Stress Management Plan with this Self-Screener


Updated February 08, 2012

Stress Management Screener

Stress Management

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Stress management is especially important for parents of learning disabled children. Adults with learning disabilities can also benefit from good stress management practices. This questionnaire can be a helpful part of developing your Stress Management Plan.

Important Note Before You Begin

This stress management screener is intended as a self-help tool for typical stress. It is not intended to diagnose any illness or psychological disorder. If your stress is severe, you have physical symptoms, or you are depressed seek assistance from your physician as soon as possible.

The Stress Management Questionnaire

Grab a notepad and pencil. Number your paper from 1 - 15. Draw a bracket around items 1 - 5 and label it "A." Draw another bracket around items 6 - 10 and label it "B." Draw a bracket around the final items 11 - 15 and label it "C."

Read the statements below to determine which ones are generally true or not true for you. Circle the number of each statement that applies to you. If an item does not apply to you, just leave it as is.

  1. There is not enough time to do everything I need to do.
  2. My job is demanding and/or I do not have enough help at home.
  3. My schedule is so full that I have little time to do things I enjoy.
  4. I wake up at night, thinking about things I need to do.
  5. I lose or forget to do things at home or at the office; sometimes they are important things.
  6. People depend on me so much at home or work that I have to do it all.
  7. I seem to have more accidents than other people.
  8. I seem to have more things go wrong at once than others.
  9. The same people seem to keep causing problems for me.
  10. If others would just consider my opinion, we could solve most of our problems.
  11. I can often tell if someone is angry with me before anything is said.
  12. I have little patience with my coworkers / family / or clients.
  13. I feel tension or pain when I am stressed, or I have difficulty "getting over" my frustrations.
  14. I just cannot stop thinking about problems, even when it is time to sleep.
  15. I have had physical problems such as headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure, fatigue etc.

Scoring Your Results

  1. Add up the number of circled items within each category.
  2. Look at your scores and determine if one category appears higher than the other two. If so, click the link below that corresponds to that category for more information on your stress management style and strategies to help.
  3. If your totals in each category are basically the same, or if you want to explore all three areas, click the links below to learn more about those groups.
  4. Finally, after reading and considering your results, use them to develop your own personalized Stress Management Plan.

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