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Develop a Stress Management Plan

Begin Stress Management with Screening


Updated July 14, 2011

Stress Management Plan

Managing Your Stress

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If you are a parent of a student with a learning disability, developing a stress management plan can be beneficial to your emotional well being and contribute to your child's success in school.

Here are statements you can complete to develop a simple stress management plan to get you started. Print out this page to record your plan, or keep it in a notebook or journal for future reference.

  1. Reducing stress is important to me because_______.
  2. Making a commitment to myself to create and follow my stress management plan will help me in the following ways_________.
  3. A major source of stress in my life is_________.
  4. Some things I can do that would help me feel better are______.
  5. Two things I can do today to help my stress level are_________.
  6. Taking care of myself is important and will help me in the following ways ________.
  7. Some ways I could take care of myself are________.
  8. Of these things listed above, the thing I would most like to try and will stick with is_____.
  9. I expect that not everyone will support my efforts to reduce stress in my life, and when this happens, some things I can do to stay with my plan are_____.
Once you've identified your stressors and ways you can begin to manage your stress by reflecting on your answers to the questions. Make a commitment to yourself to take the steps you've identified to help yourself manage stress. Refer back to your list of questions and answers whenever you feel yourself sliding back into old habits, allowing stress to sneak back into your life.

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