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Signs that a Child May Need Drug Rehabilitation

What to Look for if You Suspect Your Child is Using Drugs

By Paige Taylor

Updated December 30, 2012

As a parent, it can be difficult to keep track of your child's activities and types of friends. Many parents often wonder if their child is participating in illegal activity, such as abusing drugs, and they may feel helpless because they do not know how to tell if their child is using. However, there are warning signs parents should be on the lookout for to determine if there's a need for drug rehabilitation before the problem progresses.

Slipping Grades

One of the first warning signs that a child who may be abusing drugs, then it is usually impossible for this person to keep up with all the demands that school will require. Even if the child has previously struggled through school, noticing unusual lackadaisical efforts may be a warning sign of drug use. Also, the parent should be sure to keep up with attendance records. Although a child may leave each morning to presumably go to school, a child in need of drug rehabilitation may actually be skipping school to get high. Statistics show that over 80 percent of kids in need of drug rehabilitation will begin to have slipping grades.

Health Problems

A second way that kids will show signs of needing drug rehabilitation is by having health problems. One of the effects of alcohol abuse is a weak immune system. If a healthy child suddenly begins to get ill often or doesn't seem to fully recover from an illness, this may be a sign of drug use. Some children or teens may often claim an illness so they can stay home and continue his or her drug use if the parents are gone during the day.

Physical Appearance

Thirdly, a child may show signs of needing drug rehabilitation is by a change in his or her physical appearance. If a child suddenly begins to stop grooming him or herself or begins to wear odd clothing, the child may be suffering from depression. One of the main effects of drug use is depression, and if a child begins to drastically alter his or her physical appearance, then the child may be indeed abusing drugs.

Mood Swings

Another warning sign of drug abuse is sudden mood swings. Drugs disturb many parts of the brain, and can drastically alter emotions. If a teen begins to get angry quickly, or if he or she is often irritable, the teen may be in need of drug rehabilitation.

Asking for Money

A fifth way in which a child may show signs of needing drug rehabilitation is by constantly asking for money. Drugs are costly, and the teen will need money to buy the drugs. If money is missing from your belongings or if the child constantly asks you for money, the child may be trying to get the money for his or her drug use, especially if they don't have their own source of income.

All of these warning signs are important, however the best way to see if your child needs drug rehabilitation is to talk with your child. Once you have determined if the child needs rehabilitation, you should seek out the nearest rehab center to help him or her with the drug problem as soon as possible. If you need assistance in talking with your child about drug rehabilitation, a school counselor, private counselor, pastor,or your child's pediatrician may be able to assist you.

Paige Taylor is a freelance writer from Michigan. She enjoys writing articles on health and wellness. Aside from writing, Paige works closely with a drug rehab treatment program, helping people struggling with addiction.

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