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Apps to Entertain and Teach Your Toddler

Fun and Educational Apps for Teaching Toddlers

By Ruth Johnson

Updated November 29, 2012

We live in a different world. Kids are growing up with more and more technology, and no matter how many people may disapprove, tablets and smartphones are ending up in the hands of children. You can use apps to entertain and teach your toddler.

Instead of scoffing at the idea, it's important to think of the good that this technology can do. There are plenty of apps available for these tools that help toddlers learn how to read, write and perform basic math skills. There are even some that teach toddlers music and art too.

If you are perfectly fine with the idea of allowing your toddler to use a tablet or smartphone because of the many educational apps, here are some app suggestions for you.

iTot Cards

A white puppy with  the word puppy beneath it.
Ruth Johnson

iTot Cards is a set of flashcards that allows your child to learn numbers, shapes, letters, animals, food, colors and random objects through the use of virtual flashcards. Using flashcards as an educational tool has been practiced for years, and iTot Cards uses the same approach, only virtually. Children can choose which set of flashcards they want to use, and along with a picture and the written word of the object, your child can also hear the name of the object. Plus, the app is available in English, Spanish, French and Chinese, making it perfect for children studying a second language.

Fisher Price Where's Puppy's Nose?

A cartoon of a puppy with a big nose.
Ruth Johnson

The Where's Puppy's Nose? app by Fisher Price is another great tool. It uses an interactive video of a dancing puppy joined by his friends, a frog and a cat, to teach your child the parts of their body. They teach your child their body parts by pointing to a part of the body, saying the name of the part out loud, and even spelling it out. There are also plenty of fun songs that are sung in between teachings to help your child remember the parts of their body.

Fisher Price Let's Count Animals

A cartoon picture of two, numbered cows.
Ruth Johnson

Fisher Price also has Let's Count Animals app that helps teach children how to count to ten. The app uses an interactive video of different farm animals and teaches children how to count by showing them different farm animals and helping them count through each set until they get to ten. It also highlights the animals as they're counted, so children can even learn their farm animals.

Winnie the Pooh Puzzle Book

A picture of Whinnie the Pooh.
Ruth Johnson

Winnie the Pooh Puzzle Book helps your child's cognitive skills by giving them tasks throughout an interactive Winnie the Pooh story. The story is read out loud by the narrator, or you can record your own voice to be the narrator, and throughout the story, your child is supposed to look for honeypots to complete the story. Also, throughout the book, your child needs to do puzzles to help Winnie the Pooh find his honey pot.

These apps not only help teach your child their basics, but they're also extremely fun for your child too. When your child is having fun, they don't realize that they're learning, allowing them to open up their minds and take in all the knowledge that is being provided to them.

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Bumblebee Touchbook

The Bumblebee Touchbook from developers 3DAL, LLC, helps your child develop early sight word vocabulary. The app plays a video story and words are displayed on the screen. The child touches the words on the screen, and they become animated while a voice speaks the words aloud. The child can touch the bee to hear the entire page read aloud. The story is set to classical music.

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