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Educational Games for Infants and Toddlers

Learn some interactive games to play with your infant or toddler that teach early vocabulary and concepts, develop social and emotional skills, and develop early language. Infants and toddlers love to play interactive games with moms, dads, and their siblings, so learn new games to share with your child, and revisit some classic ones you may remember from your own childhood for a fun time of learning and bonding.

The ABC Game Works Memory, Language, and Thinking Skills
Learn about the ABC Game. It is a great tool for helping your children develop stronger memory, language, and thinking skills. It requires no materials and can be adapted to meet the learning needs of children of all ages.

Thinking Skills Games for Home, School, and Travel
Discover thinking skills games to help your child learning disabilities to practice math, language, and reasoning skills in a fun and engaging way.

Ways to Develop Early Sight Word Skills at Home
Learn easy ways to develop early reading awareness at home for your toddler or preschooler.

Teach Your Child to Recognize Similarities and Differences in Objects
Young children learn best through play activities with interaction and plenty of hands-on fun. Teach your child early math concepts using toys and common household objects.

Simple Educational Games for Infants and Toddlers
Stimulating your baby's learning in early childhood can help prevent later learning problems. For children with developmental delays, games are a wonderful way to build new skills and prepare them for preschool. Revisit some classic games for infants and toddlers, and learn new ones with About.com's Learning Disabilities Guide, Ann Logsdon.

Visual Guessing Games Develop Attention to Detail
Learn how to use this common childhood game to builds attention, concentration, listening, and communication skills in your child.

This Animal Guessing Game Teaches Classification and Thinking Skills
Learn how to teach your child important classification skills and ability to recognize and think about visual characteristics using this thinking game.

Apps to Entertain (and Teach) Your Toddler
If you have a toddler, you should consider getting these fun and educational apps for them to use.

Fostering Creativity in Children with Learning Disabilities
Explore ways to encourage creativity in children.

The Importance of Music for Learning
Musical educational mnemonics have been used successfully over the years to enhance content retention. It has been shown that people remember things better when there is a meaning behind it.

The Educational Benefits of Playing Video Games
Playing video games has become a normal part of childhood for many children. Recently, much attention has been focused on the downsides and potential dangers of video games.

The Dangers and Downsides of Playing Video Games
A growing number of children and adolescents are playing video games. Many parents and teachers are concerned about the impact that video games can have on a child’s overall well-being.

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