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Testing in Response to Intervention

Is Testing Needed in Response to Intervention?


Updated June 10, 2014

Students Using Math Manipulatives

Special Education Intervention


While standardized assessment may not be needed to determine eligibility for special education programs diagnosis of learning disabilities, it can still provide educators with important information for students' programs, even with the RTI model of eligibility.

First, intelligence testing provides important details on how students process information and how they learn. This information can be used by regular and special education teachers to develop specially designed instruction that truly taps their strengths and encourages skill development in their areas of weakness.

Second, standardized achievement testing can offer a larger view of how the student is learning as compared to others his age across the nation. This serves as critical guidance to ensure students make ongoing progress and move toward their long-term educational and career goals. Achievement testing can also provide diagnostic information that enables teachers to identify specific areas of strength and weakness. This helps teachers refine instructional processes.

Learn About RTI In Your State

If your child has been tested and determined ineligible for special education services because he or she missed the cutoff scores, RTI may help. Contact your state's department of education office for special education to get more information on how RTI will be implemented in your state.

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