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Disability Scholarships - Scholarships for People with Disabilities

Start Your Search for Disability Scholarships


Updated April 28, 2012

Begin your search for scholarships with this list of scholarships for people with disabilities. The websites below include information on scholarship requirements and instructions for how to apply. As with any application process, I recommend you be alert to possible scams and that you not apply to any scholarship program that requests application fees or other fees.

1. SpinLife Innovation in Motion Scholarship

This retailer of mobility equipment offers an annual $500.00 scholarship for students age 18 and over who use a wheelchair and are enrolled in a four-year undergraduate program. For more requirements, visit their website.

2. 1-800-Wheelchair.com Scholarship

This disability scholarship program awards two $500 scholarships each year to students age 16 or over.

3. American Bar Association Listings

The American Bar Association publishes a list of scholarships for law students with disabilities on their website.

4. Paralyzed Veterans of America Scholarship Program

This disability scholarship program offers scholarships to veterans with paralysis.

5. National Multiple Sclerosis Society Scholarship Program

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society and its associated state organizations offer scholarships to highly qualified students with multiple sclerosis.

6. Chair Scholars Foundation

This program offers scholarships to students with severe physical disabilities.

7. More Scholarships for Students with Learning Disabilities

Find additional scholarship resources for students with learning disabilities.

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