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Autism Scholarships - Find Autism Scholarships for College

Scholarships Are Available for Students with Autism


Updated February 09, 2011

Autism scholarships can help you fund your college education despite having autism spectrum disorders. These autism scholarship programs are designed to meet the unique qualifications and learning needs of students with autism needing scholarships.

As with any scholarship application process, I recommend you be alert to possible scams and that you do not apply to any scholarship program that requests application fees or other fees.

1. Autism Society Scholarships

Each year, the Autism Society presents a number of awards and scholarships to individuals and organizations in recognition of their commitment to the autism community. Awards and scholarship winners are announced each year at the Autism Society's National Conference and Exposition on Autism Spectrum Disorders. Deadline march 31.

2. Schwallie Family Scholarship Program

The Organization for Autism Research (OAR) is currently preparing for the fall 2010 Schwallie Family Scholarship Competition to support qualified individuals with autism or Asperger Syndrome residing in the United States pursuing post-secondary education. OAR will present awards of $3,000 each across three categories: 1) Four-year undergraduate college or university; 2) Two-year undergraduate college, and; 3) Trade, technical or vocational school. These will be one-time awards for any recipient. Deadline April 30.

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