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Disability Employment Discrimination

Stop Disability Employment Discrimination in the Workplace


Updated February 05, 2012

Disability employment discrimination can damage your career. Discrimination in employment because of your disability and can also cause severe stress and stress related illnesses. If you feel your employer has discriminated against you based on your disability, you can get help from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Disability employment discrimination is prohibited in the United States by Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Who is required to follow this disability employment discrimination law?

  • Private employers with more than 15 employees and labor unions;
  • Federal, State, and local government agencies; and
  • Employment agencies.
What types of employment disability discrimination are violations of this law?
    Discrimination against qualified people with disabilities;
  • Discrimination in the employment application process and hiring;
  • Discrimination on the job including hiring, termination, promotion, salary, and opportunities for job training; and
  • Discrimination in working conditions, privileges and benefits.
Are you protected from employment disability discrimination? Find out now.

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