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Improve Behavior Problems with the Right Curriculum

Improve Behavior Problems in LD Children


Updated June 27, 2014

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Inappropriate curriculum and instruction can lead to many types of problem behaviors among students with learning disabilities. Students may:
  • Feel bored with curriculum that is beneath their ability, or involving material that is not interesting to them;
  • Be embarrassed if material is not appropriate for their age levels;
  • Become frustrated if material is too difficult; or
  • Feel like giving up if instructional delivery is too rapid.
  • Feel defensive and disrupt the classroom to protect their egos, attempt to restore their "image" before the class.
When students with learning disabilities' learning needs are not met, they may show a range of behavior problems. Students' problem behaviors may:
  • The natural result of their frustration;
  • An attempt to shift attention away from their learning disabilities;
  • An attempt to have some control in a situation where they feel powerless;
  • Part of their disability, especially if ADHD is involved;
  • The result of delayed social skill development or underdeveloped adaptive behavior skills.
Teachers and parents can reduce or prevent many behavior problems by:

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