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Procrastinator - How to Stop Being a Procrastinator

Simple Strategies to Stop Procrastinating and Get the Job Done


Updated April 05, 2011

Procrastination Strategies

Procrastinator? These Strategies Can Help

We've all been there. There's too much to do and no time to procrastinate, but still we do it. Sometimes just the idea of beginning a task seems overwhelming enough to make us put it off. If you're ready to stop being a procrastinator, whatever the task before you, these strategies can help.
  • Make a List - If you have a huge project to tackle but don't know where to begin or just don't feel like beginning, making a list of all the things you need to do to accomplish the task can help. List each separate activity necessary to get the task done in order.
  • Make a Schedule - Once you've made your list of tasks to accomplish, make a schedule for completing each step. Depending on the task, your schedule may be for a day, a week, or even a month if it is a longer-term project. Seeing that each task has a specific time for completion can make big projects seem less overwhelming and more achievable.
  • Begin Each Task On Time - No matter what the task, it is important to begin each one on time and complete it within the time you've allocated. Sure, your heart may not be into it, and you may not feel that your work is at its best, it is important to begin doing each task. Procrastination feeds on itself and only gets worse if you don't make a conscious effort to move past it. Even if your work is not up to par, you can fix that with the next strategy.
  • Plan Your Deadline Before the Deadline - Plan to finish your project before it is due. While it may seem more easily said than done, it is important to finish before your deadline to give yourself time to review and refine your work. At this point, having followed the previous strategies, a good deal of your project will be finished and simply in need of some grooming to make it workable.

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