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Information and Strategies for Behavior Problems

Get help for behavior problems.

What Is Conduct Disorder?
Learn about conduct disorder.

Is Your Child Afraid to Go to School?
Learn about school phobia, what it is, and ways to address it.

What Is Discipline?
Learn the definition of discipline and find helpful tips for implementing this important behavior management tool into your routine.

Talk with Your Kids About Bullying and Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying and bullying by text are on the rise. Learn more about cyberbullying and how to protect your child.

Teach Your Child Discipline with Behavior Charts
Teach your child discipline with behavior intervention charts.

Behavior Intervention - Share Your Know-How about Behavior In…
Readers share their know-how and stories of success and failure with behavior intervention.

Tips to Control Behavior Problems Using the Redirection Response
Some students with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders also have behavior problems. Learn helpful tips to help control behavior problems at home and at school using redirection as a response to problem behavior.

Manage Your Child's Behavior While Traveling
Traveling with children can be a challenge, it can be especially challenging for children with learning disabilities, other disabilities, and behavioral disorders. You can reduce, and possibly prevent, behavior problems such as fighting between siblings, tantrums, and general misbehavior.

Ways to Stop Fidgeting in Hyperactive Students
Does your child's hyperactivity and constant fidgeting cause problems at home and school? Learn strategies to help control hyperactive motor activity and reduce anxiety for you, your child, and his teachers.

Help Students Control Impulsive Behavior - Managing Impulsive Behavior Problems
Discover tips to help your child improve impulsive behaviors at home and school.

Ways to Help Students Pay Attention in Class - Improving Your Child's Attention
Discover tips to help your child improve his attention skills at home and school.

Easy Ways to Reinforce Positive Behavior in Children -Positive Reinforcers
Improving problem behaviors can be a challenge. If your child has a behavior intervention plan or you are developing a plan, find out ways you can reinforce positive behavior with easy reinforcers.

Behavior Problems - Reduce Problem Behavior with the Right Curriculum
Find out how an inappropriate curriculum can contribute to behavior problems for children with learning disabilities. Learn ways to prevent and address these problems.

Pre-task Rehearsal Can Reduce Problem Behaviors
Learn this effective way to help prevent problem behaviors from occurring and to help your child make appropriate behavior choices.

Bullying of LD Students in Schools
Learn about bullying behavior in schools and learn why students with disabilities may be targeted by bullies. Find out ways to stop bullying for your child and his classmates.

Characteristics of Potentially Violent Bullies
Students with disabilities are at-risk for being bullied at school. Although all incidents of bullying should be taken seriously and addressed, there are specific warning signs that signal the need for immediate action. Learn what to look for to protect your child from potentially violent bullies. Be alert for other signs of problems that may not be listed here. Trust your instincts. If you think there is a problem, it is worth checking it out to be safe.

On-Task On-Time - A Time Management Tool for Parents and Teachers
On-Task On-Time - A Time Management Tool for Parents and Teachers

ADD Teaching Strategies - Strategies for Teaching ADD Children

Finding successful teaching strategies for ADD children is critical to improving their learning. These teaching strategies can help you effectively teach an ADD child at home or at school.

Procrastinator - How to Stop Being a Procrastinator
There's too much to do and no time to procrastinate, but still we do it. Sometimes just the idea of beginning a task seems overwhelming enough to make us put it off. Whatever the task before you, these strategies can help.

What is punishment?
Learn the definition of punishment.

Effective Strategies to Help Your Child Deal with Anger
Learn effective strategies to help your child with anger.

Surprising Ways Girls Bully Differently
Learn about the surprising ways that girls bully.

Understanding Attention Deficit Disorders
Learn about attention deficit disorders.

Dealing with Stealing - What You Can Do when Your Child Steals
Learn about stealing in children and what you can do about it.

Learn About Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Learn about obsessive compulsive disorder.

What Is Oppositional Defiant Disorder?
Learn about oppositional defiant disorder

Summer Activities for Kids with Behavior Problems
Find helpful suggestions on summer activities for kids with behavior problems.

Worried Your Kids Might Be Taking Drugs? Signs to Look For
Learn some of the possible warning signs that your child could be using drugs.

Children, School and Bipolar Disorder - Get Things Rolling Now
Many children have mood swings, bipolar disorder, or other mood illnesses and have no control over the way they feel and, sometimes, the way they act.

How Learning Disabilities Can Affect Behavior
learning behaviors behavior problems warning signs functional behavioral assessment

Fats and a Child's Brain Development
The human brain makes up two percent of our total body weight, yet consumes 20 percent of our energy. It requires the right kind of nutritional commitment early in the prenatal stages.

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